September 11, 2001 2000s worst


  • al-Qaeda is terrorist group responsible
  • terrorist group angry at US for: US involvement in Persian Gulf Wars, US support of Israel, & US military presence in Middle East
  • Khalid Shaikh Mohammed most responsible for planning the attacks

Death Toll

  • over 2,500 killed
  • over 6,000 injured
  • 344 firefighter deaths, most firefighters killed at one time
  • increasing asbestos & cancer deaths because of harsh conditions during the collapse of the towers

War on Terror

Direct Effect of 9/11

  • military operation against terrorist groups in the Middle East led by President George Bush
  • September 20, 2001- President Bush announces War on Terror against al-Qaeda, ISIL, & other terrorist groups
  • October 7, 2001- War on Terror officially begins
  • over 150,000 deaths total (civilian & terrorist)
  • still going on without end in sight

Other Significant Issues

  • increasing Islamophobia in the US & Europe
  • rise and/or growth in power of terrorist groups, such as ISIS & ISIL
  • increasing number of refugees fleeing the Middle East due to terrorist & corrupt political leadership
  • divide in political beliefs increasing & becoming more hostile in & out of the US

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