Race Highlights JANUARY 2018

The first race weekend of the New Year greeted members with two sunny, crisp winter days, perfect weather to take on the Fittipaldi (C) 3.6-mile course. It was great to see everyone fired up and ready to take on a new season after the holidays.

Many members describe the comradery of racing with friends as a highlight to the weekend. Sharing the joy with a son or daughter is a pleasure many of us will never experience. So it was incredibly exciting to see "Indy" Al Miller and his son AJ Miller race together in this month's Light Sport Race. Congratulations to AJ for scoring top podium in the Rookie Division on both days! Welcome to the Club!

We were pleased to welcome Spring Mountain Driving Instructor, Brandon Chappell, to organize our Miata and Lotus drivers. Chappell had a large group for his first weekend and all were enthusiastic and ready to race. As always, the Miata race was exciting and fun to watch with Gregg Gorski and Ron Fletcher mixing it up throughout the race. Miata's never disappoint!

Light Sport Racer


  • LSR1: 1st John Melsom and 2nd Denis O'Leary
  • LSR2: 1st Ron Eckhardt, 2nd Bruce Jones and 3rd Mark Rohrwasser
  • LSR3: 1st Indy Al Miller, 2nd Ron Fletcher and 3rd Mitch Bishop
  • LSRR: 1st AJ Miller


  • LSR1: 1st Patrick Liddy, 2nd Indy Al Miller and 3rd Denis O'Leary
  • LSR2: 1st Bruce Jones, 2nd John Morris and 3rd Mark Rohrwasser
  • LSR3: 1st Ron Fletcher, 2nd Gregg Gorski and 3rd Greg Boehme
  • LSRR: 1st AJ Miller, 2nd Rahul Patel and 3rd Gerry Shear



  • Miata: 1st Ron Fletcher and 2nd Dennis Kane
  • MX5: 1st Kenny Northrup, 2nd Teddy Landau and 3rd Gregg Gorski


  • Miata: 1st Ron Fletcher, 2nd Craig Kember and 3rd Michael Lorenz
  • MX5: 1st Teddy¬†Landau, 2nd Gregg Gorski and 3rd Mark Saroyan


  • Friday: 1st Mike Reynolds and 2nd Mike Dean
  • Saturday: 1st Mike Reynolds and 2nd Mike Dean

Next Race Weekend

Thanks to all those who came out for the first race weekend of the year! We are looking forward to a great 2018 season. February's race will feature the Mansell (E) 3.2-mile track configuration. We'll see you at the track!

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