Girl Online Zoe Sugg

The overall pace is either at her house school or the pier. When she's at home I don't really feel anything or at her school, but when she's at the pier I feel like I'm relaxed or having fun in a way.
There family lives in Brighton and then moves to New York. They do this because of a deal they got with people having a wedding.
This novel takes place in present time. It's really relatable so it makes me feel like what would happen if that were me.
I imagine the weather to be sunny because pen does a lot of things that would take a sunny Climate . Also if it was gloomy or raining then she probably wouldn't go to the pier as often.
There seems to be a lot of people in this city/ town where pen lives. The people that live here seem to be nice. I imagine that this place is fun because they have many thing that I would like doing. For example they seem to have a really nice pier and at her school they have an after school theatre program.
I know this is in modern time because pen is a photograph and cameras like hers weren't invented until early 2000. I also know because for the play they had to graffiti the walls.
The atmosphere is mostly about teenage drama. I know this because I have personal experienced some of these things. I feel the atmosphere at school is a little bit rude/mean.
The setting effects the story because if it wasn't for things happening in pen's life she wouldn't have anything to write about in her blog. The setting also effects the story because if she lived in a ugly environment then she might not having many options to take pictures of.


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