Innovative Media BY CHIEW YIN WEI (0325155)

Hi ! I'm Yin Wei, currently studying in Bachelor of Mass Communication in Broadcasting. This module sounds tough but also interesting to me, so I hope I get to learn things that I've never learn before from this module. Things that I really enjoy doing is spending times with my families, watching movie & k-drama.

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

Tom & Jerry War

Group photo

Exercise 2: Viral Content

5 Anti-Drug Ads We’ll Never Forget

Google docs link:

Exercise 3: Infographic

Infographic : What you need to know about the Top3 Deadliest Drug

This infographic shows the deadliest drug in the world. In the infographic, it showed a graph about the death in the USA caused by drugs in 2015 and what we need to know about the top 3 deadliest drug. Important keywords and numbers are highlighted in white to emphasize on the shocking facts and statistics about the three deadliest drug.


Brande, L. (2017). Infographic: Top 5 Deadliest Drugs. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Jun. 2017].

Lopez, G. (2017). The 3 deadliest drugs in America are legal. [online] Vox. Available at: [Accessed 2 Jun. 2017]. (2017). 11 Facts About Alcohol Abuse | | Volunteer for Social Change. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Jun. 2017].

Exercise 4: Mobile App

Mobile App Name: Delish On-the-Go

Description: The main purpose of this app is to allow users to select and order different cuisine from a variety of restaurants. You can select your location, browse through available options, place an order via this mobile app, and that food will be delivered. Whether stuck in traffic, riding the bus or on a break, anyone can place an order quickly and easily, as opposed to waiting until getting home or starting to call. It is more than just food delivery, you can now wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee from your favorite cafes at your home.

1) Splash Screen- This page shows you the logo of the app.

Splash Screen

2) Homepage - This page contains an ‘Order Now’ button, which helps users to place an order from their selected restaurant. The ‘Promo’ feature button allows users to check a list of latest promotion, dining deals, and discount from different restaurant. Another feature which is the ’Restaurant’ button, allows user to see a list of popular restaurant that Delish On-the-Go will be providing food delivery. The last two feature ‘location’ and ’fan wall’ allow user to check and select the location covered by Delish On-the-Go, and also post status and photo on the fan wall.


3) Order Now - Users can choose and select a food category and order their favourite food from the selected menu. Users can choose from Chinese food ,Korean,Japanese, Western, Malaysian and many more.

Example of Japanese food menu

4) Promos - Users get to find out more about the latest dining deals and promotion from different restaurant in this page.


5) Restaurants - This page allow users to find out more about the restaurants that are covered by Delish On-the-Go. This app will be providing food delivery from all these restaurants.

List of restaurants
List of restaurants

6) Fan Wall - User can upload photos and share status to this page or even give reviews on our service. Users from different place in Malaysia get to share their opinion and connect each other on this page.

Fan Wall

7) Location - This page listed down the areas that Delish On-the-Go will be providing delivery service in Malaysia.


8) About Us- This page shows a short introduction about our application 'Delish On-the-Go'. Users will get to know more about us in this page.

About Us

9) FAQ - This page listed down some Frequently Asked Questions by our user/customers. Users can take a look at this page if they have any questions regarding our delivery services.


Assignment 2: Video

Adventure to the hidden gem - Pulau Ketam, is one of the place in Malaysia that provide fresh and delicious seafood dishes. In addition, this place also has the best opportunity for visitors and tourist to witness and experience the rural side of Klang. The objectives for this social media page is to gather seafood lovers around the world in order to have a whole new experience of the sea. We also target travellers , tourists and local family. We put our experience to advertise the social page about the location and at the same time trying the food that is available only in the location and not anywhere else.

Mindmap and Moodboard



Script/ Treatment



Group photo

Assignment 3: Animated chat stickers


(1) Confuse

Cody look at his phone with a confuse look because he wonder why is nobody replying his message.

(2) Working

Cody felt tired and bored doing his work at night.

(3) Sad

His tears came down while saying goodbye to you.

(4) Sleepy

Cody fall asleep while sitting in the corner waiting for you.

(5) Happy

Cody thanks everybody for the love and support.

(6) Angry

Cody felt really mad right now because you are late to the meeting.


Created with images by raruschel - "Sunrise at Haeundae beach" • kimdongdong_e - "busan cafe focus travel coffee vintage wood" • suLee - "busan tourism landscape village" • strogoscope - "Cherry blossom street" • cegoh - "osaka city japan canal urban" • AliceKeyStudio - "grass sunset nature" • cortto - "parque nacional del Teide" • Sean MacEntee - "Cork Scenery" • KeithJJ - "mountain peak mountain range" • kimdongdong_e - "flower bloom south korea spring season plant" • kkw0812 - "flowers plants korea nature cosmos factory s" • april_kim - "the bulguksa temple racing republic of korea" • garycycles3 - "Jeju country road"

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