Final Portfolio Alice wei

Unit 1:Drawing

This is a picture of me at the beginning of the art class, beginning to understand the art, what is art, Mrs. Broughton let us first draw a shoe, the beginning of this term of art tour.. I painted on the whole is not bad, it is leather shoes, in formal occasions to wear, so to express my love for art and curiosity!


This picture makes me feel ashamed, because I painted a stamen, but because of my artistic ability is not high, so the painting was nothing like stamen, but the lady said Broughton my painting is very good, very special, gave me great encouragement, so I have more power to draw down. The picture shows that the school is training us to grow. I will make a good effort! To do the best!

Unit 2:Pen & Ink Drawings

This picture is the first picture of the second unit. Is the use of ink strokes, the difficulty is relatively high, with two weeks of time to complete, on the whole quite satisfied, because there is only one color so the painting is relatively simple, but very limited. So I drew a bird, challenged the relatively high degree of difficulty of the painting, feeling pretty good, but still did not fully meet the goals I want, so if one more time, I will paint better! The bird indicates that we are going to travel around the world after graduating from high school!

A lady

This picture is the second unit, a woman wearing a hat and sunglasses, which is the future of us, after graduation, we will find a good job, life is getting better and better! And this unit has taught me how to use a pen to draw, although it's easy to use ink strokes, but it takes a lot of energy and great ability. Fortunately, Broughton lady in my draw process patiently taught me, I learned how to draw, so draw this look good in a picture! I'll paint better later!

Unit 3: Colour & Painting
Selfie drawing

This unit can also tell us to draw a picture with a color painting, it requires a lot of skills, but also requires a lot of energy, the lady Broughton to our task is to draw a picture with your own self, I naturally chose a feel a self good for almost half a month's time to complete with that color is blue. Because blue is my most love color, but the picture is too difficult, and not the original painting but it feels good as like as two peas! Although not very good, but at least I learned a lot of knowledge! In the future, I will paint better!

Canadian Aboriginal Art

This picture is a picture drawn by our team. This art allows us to understand the Canadian art and culture, but also let us understand that more than two people than a person painting faster, better! We cooperate very well, and the original painting was almost as like as two peas. But the feeling is still not as good as I imagined, there are still a lot of errors docking, so we will be more careful, more rigorous!

Unit 4: Sculpture
A student who wants to go to the toilet.

This picture is the art of our art tour, the art of tape, the tape around the model, and then a model. In our group, Alex as a model, then Jack and I taped in his body, through our efforts and spent last week's time to make a model, this model I put in the toilet door, the story is a little exaggerated, said to be a student, the stomach is very uncomfortable, want to go to the toilet, the toilet when someone inside, locked, so he can only cover the belly knocks on the door and urged the people inside finish. I hope Ms. Broughton do not care about these details! In short, the art makes us understand a lot of fun, but also the development of our creativity!

Thank you for watching!
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Final Portfolio

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