Mythology Aeolus and Thor

Aeolus has the supernatural ability of controlling the wind. He can use this ability to create storms like tornadoes. He can also create hurricanes with the aid of Poseidon. Like Aeolus, Thor has the supernatural ability to control thunder. He channels his powers through Mjolnir, his hammer.

From earning Zeus's trust and loyalty, Aeolus was rewared with the power to control wind. In the movie Thor, Thor gets stripped of his powers by Odin for being selfish and disloyal to the people of Earth and Asgard. He does not get his powers back until he proves he is worthy again by saving many mortals' lives on Earth.

Aeolus and Thor play an active role in stories told through the form of an epic or a movie. In the Odyssey, Aeolus gives Odysseus and his men an ox-hide bag that contains the three winds called Boreas, Notus, and Eurus. These winds are meant to help Odysseus and his men sail from Aeolia to Ithaca, but these winds are accidentally released. This caused their ship to go off course, which created a new problem for Odysseus. In the movie The Avengers, Thor, with the help of the other Avengers, were able to save the human race from annihilation by the alien race called the Chitauri. He held the Chitauri back long enough for Black Widow to close the portal connecting the Earth to the Chitauri realm. This stopped the Chitauri invasion.

Unlike Thor, Aeolus derives from ancient Greek culture and mythology. Modern day Greece is the location that Aeolus was worshiped. Thor is a God that derived from ancient Norse culture and mythology. The place where people worshiped him was Scandinavia, which contains the modern day countries of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland.



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