Become Fluent in Fluency A parent's guide to supporting your child's reading fluency


As a team we feel that fluency is an important skill for comprehension that is often overlooked. We have compiled some key information and at home activities that can help your child become a proficient and strategic reader. Please feel free to reach out to us with questions or concerns that you may have. We believe in the importance of collaboration and working together to make a seamless transition between home and school.

When practicing at home with your child be sure to expose them to a variety of texts such as poetry, non-fiction, fiction, plays, predictable text.


What is reading fluency?

  • Reading fluency consists of reading text with expression, appropriate rate, and accuracy.
  • The reason we emphasize fluency is because it is directly related to comprehension.
  • Fluency also helps the reader focus on the author's.


Refers to how quickly you can read.

At home practice: Invite a classmate over and play a flash card racing game. Children would take turns reading sentences as fast as they can that have been written on flash cards.

Effective praise: "You read that smoothly." "You read at a speed that sounded just right."

If you receive a report that says "wpm" this stands for words per minute. This will give you an idea of how fast your child has read a portion of text.


Refers to reading words without mistakes.

At home practice: Have your child record themselves reading and evaluate their read.

Effective praise: "Your read the words correctly!"


Refers to the ability to change your voice to show feeling when reading.

At home practice: Take turns reading part of a play or poem with your child

Effective praise: "You read with great emotion! I could tell what you were feeling!"


Cutting rectangles out of cardstock (affiliate link) and then used a hot glue gun (affiliate link) to write the words. Just put a piece of paper on top of the sight word rubbing card and color with a crayon. When they are finished with that you could have them write the word too.

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