How Does the Caste System Have an Affect on the Politics of Modern India? By Joshua Underberg

After learning about India's caste system do you know its relevance today? One main affect that it has is a political affect.

The Caste System and Voting

Nearly half of India's voting population considers caste to be the number one reason to vote for a certain candidate.

Indians are very passionate about the caste of their politicians!

Caste Competition

The different castes get very competitive with each other in terms of:

- Power in government bodies

-Staking a claim to jobs

-Staking a claim to educational opportunities

The Quota System

The Quota system is a system that provides lower caste members with a job

The system reserves jobs for these citizens, guaranteeing a job of each of them

This system applies to two thirds of india's population.

Even in politics castes determine a lot of what goes on in India today. It doesn't just affect India's past.


Some higher caste members may believe that the Quota System is unfair because it allows people who don't work hard and don't deserve a job to have a job. They may believe that it allows lazy people to have a guaranteed job.

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