Unite The World With Africa Foundation March Update 2018

Dear friends of Unite: Next week I leave again for Tanzania to work alongside Unite's friends and partners. As it is with every journey, I am filled with excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to do this work and deeply prayerful that Unite's mission will be fulfilled and that I can source the strength, courage and community necessary to persevere and grow. This trip I have the unique privilege of traveling with my entire family for the very first time: All three of our daughters will finally meet their "brothers and sisters" in Africa. It is a day I have dreamed of since first launching Unite 10 years ago. While we will have much more news to share upon our return, here please find some highlights from the first few months of 2018:

Heaven School

The Heaven Pre & Primary School is now in its 3rd year! In 2017 Heaven ranked in the top 10% of the 5,000+ primary schools nationwide. For the 2018 school year, Heaven has 186 students (baby class through Standard 5) and 9 teachers. Within the student body, students with initiative can now be awarded such positions as Head Boy & Head Girl and/or Prefects of Food, Academics, Environment, Sports & Games. Now powered by the local grid, Heaven is using computers and technology to support their teaching and learning initiatives. To further stock and grow the new school library, we are now in discussions with Better World Books, thanks to our advisor Nicole Watson. We are excited about the innovations we are seeing within the classrooms as well as the leadership in school management. Below, some recent photos of Heaven in action.

Heaven is now being cited as a "model school" by local authorities. Unite's mission in building the school was not only to provide a top-quality education for the youngest orphans of St. Joseph's but also to serve as many children as possible from the surrounding villages. While parents must pay school fees (to cover the cost of Heaven's operations), tuition is far more affordable than at most other private schools and the quality of education superior.

Current Projects & Capital Needs

This year at Heaven we are building a basketball sport court as part of our work to grow Heaven's physical education program, and we are currently fundraising to drill a borehole to secure an adequate and reliable water source. The sport court is nearly complete (below), and for the borehole we will meet with our water team next week to determine next steps. To date we have raised $5,000 towards this ~$20,000 project. If you would like to support our Water Campaign, please CLICK HERE.

Since 2014, we have relied upon harvesting rainwater and purchasing trucked-in water from Arusha to meet the water needs of the St. Joseph's/Heaven School community (hygiene, sanitation, cooking, cleaning, building, planting, etc). However, water scarcity continues to be a constant threat and a pressing challenge.
Heaven students will soon be playing basketball and netball as part of their growing athletics program.

St. Joseph's Orphanage

In January Sister Crispina Mnate, founder & director of The St. Joseph's Orphanage, was asked by the Tanzanian welfare officials to take on six new orphans. The children had been living in a small rural orphanage where they were not receiving adequate care and from where they could not attend school due to distance to travel and threats to their safety. Sister welcomed them (below) into her family, and thus we have welcomed them into ours as well. Unite is now seeking sponsors for them to attend Heaven's Pre School. The cost of annual sponsorship (which includes tuition, books, uniforms, medical and nutritional support, and more) is $500 a year.

Meet Agnes, David, Martha, William, Puis & Elizabeth.

All from the Maasai tribe, these children were all orphaned or abandoned as infants. While they arrived at St. Joseph's dirty and hungry, they are now thriving -- and enjoying their new life with 49 brothers and sisters!

Our University Scholars

Currently, thanks to the generosity of The Greer Foundation and a handful of other sponsors, Unite is able to support nine of the oldest orphans from St. Joseph's to attend university (four are featured below). In a country where less than 1/2 of 1% of the population ever even enrolls in higher education, we are so very proud of these young people for their hard work, fortitude, commitment and dedication. We are confident they will be the leaders and job-creators of tomorrow.

(Top to Bottom, Left to right) Yukunda is in her 2nd year studying Wildlife Tourism; Lucy is in her 2nd year studying Tax; Angela and Jackson are in their 1st years of Nursing and Medicine respectively; and Godfrey is in his 3rd year studying Medicine & Surgery in Uganda.

Our High School Graduates

This spring, five more orphans from St. Joseph's will graduate from secondary school (the equivalent of high school in the USA). They will then sit for their National Exams and go on to attend mandatory national service (military training) before being assigned a university placement by the government. We are still in need of sponsors to help ensure that each of these young women will be able to go on to university. Interested? Please contact me for more information at anne@uniteafricafoundation.org or 314.239.3997.

(Left to right, the girls and what they want to study) Hyasinta, Tourism; Hilda, Accounting; Marystella, Medicine; Winnifrida, Law; Agnes, Medicine.

Unite The World With Africa Foundation

Our Vision: A world in which people unite in service, crossing borders seen and unseen, so that every human may prosper and live with dignity.

Our Mission: To provide opportunities for marginalized women and youth across East Africa to grow and thrive by investing in quality education and foundational support programs.

Unite the World With Africa Foundation, Inc. is a Connecticut-based nonprofit corporation. EIN: 47-2329890.

Contact: Anne Wells, anne@uniteafricafoundation.org, 314.239.3997.

TRAVEL WITH US! You are most welcome in Tanzania.

Unite Tours Service Safaris, which runs under Unite The World With Africa LLC in service to our Foundation, empowers travelers unique and personalized opportunities to travel IN & BEYOND THE BUSH to experience some of the greatest wildlife shows on Earth while also meeting and engaging with the partners of Unite. Below, a new video short that captures the essence of just WHY we do what we do and why we are absolutely so passionate about this work! For more information email anne@unitetours.org.

Asante sana! Thank you!

I am deeply grateful to each and every one of you (especially those who have read this far!) for your time and continued interest in and support of Unite. This work cannot be done alone, and together there is nothing that we cannot do. From me, Sister Crispina (below), the children, all those we serve, and our growing team around the the world, may you be forever blessed! Yours in service, Anne Wells

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