Jewish Holocaust Reflection

I'm a jewish bunny

My understanding of the holocaust has stayed the same. I still understand that it was a horible thing that feels compleatly unnecessary. The one thing that has changed is my perspective on the holocaust. I never looked at the holocaust in the eyes of a child, an orphan, single parent, grandparent, or non Jew. I just looked at it as a terrible time in for Jews.

Why where ghettos created? Ghettos where created as a short term isolation of Jews from the rest of the community. Over 400 where established.

What happened to Jewish German soldiers when Hitler took power? Most soldiers would stay in the army and say there mothers where prostitutes which would not make them Jews in the eyes of the Nazis. There where about 150,000 in the army.

What was the consequences of immigrating to the us during the Holocaust? It was legal for Jews to leave Germany until 1944. America also rescued some Jews from France. Roosevelt signed an executive order establishing the War Refugee Board to facilitate the rescue of imperiled refugees.

Raoul Wallenberg. Raoul Wallenberg was a Swedish humanitarian who worked in Budapest, Hungary during World War II to rescue Jews from the Holocaust. Between July and December of 1944 he issued fake passports and housed several thousand Jews, saving an estimated 100,000 people from the Nazis. He also made safe house for over 10,000 Jews in Budapest.

Isis is the most similar thing to the holocaust that we've had. They go after a certain people and kill them cause of differences in religion. And in the same way they are growing everyday and are terrifying people more and more.

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