Robert Mugabe by; Kyle SAmi and Noah

Robert Mugabe

born February 21, 1924

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Robert Mugabe is seen as a controversial leader, through his various actions and statements, but there is no doubt that the has helped bring Zimbabwe to the country it is today.

Early Life

Raised in Kutama, Southern Rhodesia

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-His father disappeared at a young age

-He attended the local Jesuit mission under the supervision of school director Father O'Hea

-Went on to the University of Fort Hare for a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and English in 1951.

-Father O’Hea had a great influence on Mugabe.

Robert Mugabe and Nelson Mandela (image 3)

“all people should be treated equally and educated to the fulfillment of their abilities” -Father O'Hea

-When Mugabe was young he grew up in a community that was being oppressed by the white minority

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Personal and professional successes

-prime minister of Zimbabwe since 1980

- firm believer in equal rights and independence for blacks

- elected Public Secretary of the National Democratic Party

-President of Zimbabwe.

-Five Year Plan

-College graduate

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Personal and professional Challenges

-Goverment silencing his supporters

-seizing white peoples land without compensation

-self-awarded pay increases of government

-reputation with other world leaders

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-“Dying breed of African politician”

-“surviving face of African Nationalism”

Mugabe can be given credit for helping Zimbabwe gain its independence, and helping to bring Zimbabwe out of chaos and helping to restore it.


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