Sports or Study? Lillian - Year 8

Friends. They are sympathetic, playful and caring. Any good friend is, right? Actually, almost all friends. Some are boring, statistical and only want to go to the library. The ‘gifted” ones.

What you have just read is one of the biggest myths surrounding gifted people. It’s not just children, as well. Many adults get subjected to the same societal expectations and feel forced to behave in certain ways, because that’s just how society works.

Lots of people think that just because someone is smart, they would rather work on a self-set assignment about quantum physics, than go with their friend to play soccer in the park. I run into this myth very often and I am sure that many others go through the same situation.

Photos by Baylee Gramling and Josefa nDiaz on Unsplash

I have plenty of gifted friends that do prefer quiet, relaxed free time. Different people have different personalities, and some are just more reserved or outgoing than others.

So, the next time you go to make friends with someone, don’t think about whether they are gifted or not. All you have to think about is this: are they self controlled enough not to laugh at me with pen on my face?

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