The Raindrop Named Jennifer By alexis bowie

One day a raindrop named Jennifer lived in the ocean. Jennifer is 111 years old. She lived there for one hundred years and really wanted to move. One day she started floating in thin air. All of a sudden she was in the clouds. She was evaporating into the clouds. She learned about it in one of her classes. "It tastes like cotton candy," she thought. She was also condenseing into a cloud. That had never happened to her before but she loved it.

"Yum cotton candy"
This is Jennifer

Jennifer started precipitating and collected in the ocean, but this wasn't the same ocean she had lived in before she had moved. This is nowhere close to her house. She found a friend named Ashley and they lived in the same neighborhood and are the same age. "Hi I'm Ashley and I am going to show you the school," she said. They went to the same school and were always together. One day, after two hundred years, they went into the clouds, but this time the cloud did not sound happy. BOOM BOOM went the cloud. Ashley and Jennifer shivered every time the cloud boomed. "This is scary!"Ashley screamed.

"I know!"Jennifer screamed back.

They started precipitating and they both collected in the lake. That is when they met a new friend named Alexis, she also lived in their new neighborhood. She was their age and went to their new school. One day an animal came and drank the water from the lake. Sadly, they were right where the animal was drinking the water and they ended up in the animal. They were in there for a hundred years. Finally, they left that stinky animal and infuriated soil. Jennifer had always wanted to live in the soil surface but Alexis and Ashley had no idea where they were. Soon they figured it out they had become groundwater and really liked it there and they had lived there for 2 hundred years. Then a plant sucked them up and they were there for what felt like forever, but it was only a couple minutes. Soon they transperated into the clouds and precipitated.

All of a sudden they were in the river, this was Alexis's home town. "I love this place. I used to live here when I was little,"she mumbled. Her family had lived there for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. She had lived there since she was born. Then she moved but that is a different story for a different time. Jennifer and Ashley had a lot a fun with Alexis's family. They were nice and really fun to hang out with. They were there for 2 hundred years. They loved it there and never wanted to leave. They knew they had to, it was part of the water cycle.

This is Alexis's town

One day Jennifer started floating down the river, Alexis and Ashley tried to hold her down but they started floating with her. Then the whole family started floating. They had no idea why they were floating, but the girls did, so they weren't worried or scared. Soon they found out they were runningoff into the lake. The whole family loved the lake, so did Jennifer and Ashley. They lived there for about a hundred years. They started evaporating again. Before the three girls started to evaporate, they said their goodbyes. "Goodbye we love you," they said in unison.

They started flying to the clouds but this time the clouds didn't go boom, this time they smiled like you would on your birthday. In the clouds they had lived ther for a very long time, then they started precipitating and landed in a lake, but this time they were sure they weren't going to move anywhere for a long time. "This place is awesome,but I think I'm going to miss your house Alexis ," Jennifer said sadly.

"I'm going to miss my family," Alexis cried. She started weeping and she never stopped. She cried for at least two weeks before she noticed she liked the home. Then Jennifer started weeping too. Then Ashley started weeping. They all cried forever and tried stopping. They tried and tried. Finally, they stopped weeping and crying.

"We have to learn to like this place even more than we do now," wept Ashley. They got settled a couple days later and lived there for a long time. They never moved, they never argued and they never ran away. They are together forever and always.

This will be our home forever

Little did they know they were going to evaporate soon. That one cam a year or two later. They evaporated into the clouds. As soon as that happened they fell. "It's cold," said Jennifer. They were on a glacier moving down the mountain side. They all hate it and wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. Soon it was time for them to get out of there and they tried very hard to sublimate. Soon they did and they lived in the clouds now they were hoping it was the last place they were going to move to but they new it wasn't .


Created with images by skeeze - "divers scuba reef" • 3dman_eu - "clouds sky cloud" • tpsdave - "yellowstone national park wyoming landscape"

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