High School First Aid Training More than just a diploma

Accidents happen everyday. Are we prepared?
First aid has transformed into a legitimate and necessary capability.

Due to the Global War on Terror, trauma care and treatment success has advanced at an exponential rate.

Realistic training saves lives! This is FAKE!

With basic training, highschoolers can become lifesavers.

Created By
Samuel Stover


Created with images by schacon - "IMG_5311.JPG" • Meditations - "accident aid band" • voxtrup - "hand wound blood" • stevepb - "wound injury hurt" • Todd Huffman - "Needle Exchange" • Tomasz_Mikolajczyk - "help first aid kit shelter" • EKavet - "untitled image" • Tony Webster - "Police Line / Police Tape" • digitizedchaos - "car accident @ vestavia hills" • TimothyJ - "Park Anywhere" • libertygrace0 - "Lifting the Sick & Injured" • USASOC News Service - "130725-A-YI554-426" • US Army Africa - "MEDFLAG 2010, Medical Skills Exchange, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, September 2010" • wittco.gmbh - "55th First-Aid/CPR training"

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