The story of classrooms formerly known as "Science Labs"

How might we be the orchestrators of tomorrow, today?

Discovery: What's the first word that comes to mind when you enter this space?
Empathy Building: How might we gain insight into the desired learning experience?
"Creativity and choice are key to a student centered learning experience"
Drivers which emerged to inform a better possible learning experience.

"Students with limited classroom daylight were outperformed by those with the most natural light by 20% in math and 26% on reading tests" - Ki Education

What's the first word that comes to mind in the ReDesigned STEM Lab?

WOW! STEM, Making, Fun
Evolution: The space continues to be iterated upon based on user feedback, evaluation of the drivers, and continued empathy building.
This project was made possible by the generosity of Kiko Lobo Morales, ingenuity of Cemento & Lino Architectura, and the dedication of the ASFM Community.
Created By
Brian Hamm

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