The Rise and Fall of Illegal Immigration By: Cameron cox

An illegal immigrant is a foreigner who enters the U.S. without an entry or immigrant visa, or in other words, crossing the border without being inspected. This is an issue because American jobs are being taken, they are breaking the American law, crime rates are skyrocketing, and it is causing conflict among the American people.

People wonder why it’s so hard to find a job nowadays this is because the people aren’t taking a stand against illegal immigration. In the article, “Most Americans believe illegal immigration is a problem” a poll states that over 1,000 people voted that 79% believe that granting illegal immigrants citizenship will cause a greater influx of undocumented workers in the future(Google). How can the American people feel safe with letting complete strangers come into our home and do whatever they want to do!

Statistically showing as of 2017, 11.7 million illegal immigrants account for 13.6% of crime rates. Murder sentences is 12%, kidnapping is 20%, and drug trafficking is 16%. In the article “On illegal immigration, more cities are rolling out a welcome mat” the writer Lourdes Medrano babbles about how Tucson city is comfortable with letting immigrants into their city and think other cities should do the same. How can people be so careless about letting thugs into their city?

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