Andrew Jackson Savior of the common Man

Andrew Jackson is the savior of the common man's rights. He was a boy raised only by his mother, due to his father passing away shortly after his birth, and was orphaned age 14. Because of this, he adopted three orphans in his life, saving them from their terrible fate.

Andrew Jackson was the first common man to become president. All of the other presidents previous to him came from rich or wealthy families, while Andrew Jackson came from a poor family. The first time he ran for president, more than triple the previous election came to vote because the common man was represented in the election. Andrew Jackson's presidency lead to many common men to vote, and started a type of democracy called Jacksonian Democracy, in which the common man rules. Andrew Jackson even said, "The people are the government, administering it by their agents; they are the government, the sovereign power"

Andrew Jackson shut down the federal bank during his presidency. This would be fine, but the Supreme Court ruled that it was Constitutional, yet Jackson's main point was that it was unconstitutional. He believed it was unconstitutional because it favored the wealthy over the common man. The bank would not give loans to people who had a lower salary, because they believed they would be incapable of obtaining the loan. This is false though, because many common men tried to get land with a bank loan, which would increase your salary.

Some may say that Andrew Jackson was bigamous, which was true, since his wife was married when he married her, but this was accidental. Jackson's wife was supposed to be divorced, but her original husband never finished filling out the paperwork. He never told his wife, so she married Andrew Jackson unknowing of her previous marriage not being broken, therefore making her and Jackson bigamous.


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