Survival Hersson

The raft sheet steel with large buoyancy floats
planks of wood streched across the tanks
the ship tilted
like a winter sled racing down an icy hill
we skated across the deck
Metal scraping. People screaming
Our raft launches out into the sea
Items tumbled
Empty raft. Empty bodies
A crowded lifeboat floated nearby
Drowning people clung to the edges
They beat at the teenager's fingers
unitl he released his grip
A wave lifted the raft
and pulled us away from the sinking ship
how foolish to belive
we are more powerful than the sea or the sky
I watched from the raft
as the beautiful deep began to swallow
the massive boat of steel
In one large gulp

Word borrowed on Salt to the sea by: Ruta Sepetys


Created with images by vieleineinerhuelle - "back light sea ship"

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