2016 KINGDOM CONFERENCE New life baptist Church: JULY 18th-JULY 20th, 2016

Dr. Tommy W. Steele

Pastor Steele and 1st Lady Mrs. Tonda Steele

On October 9, 1978 God led a soul-winner, Danny Willis to witness to a fellow employee at a Duke Power station construction site. The gentleman he witnessed to was Tommy Steele of Kannapolis, North Carolina. Following his salvation, Brother Steele started attending a Bible-believing church and went to work in the bus ministry. He became consumed with the burden of reaching souls. He witnessed to and saw many of his fellow employees on the job and in his community come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Today, many of these same converts serve in the ministry and some pastor churches. He soon heard God’s call to ministry and started New Life Independent Baptist Church on highway 601 south in Concord, North Carolina.

From its humble beginnings, in a storefront building, God used this ministry to see countless souls birthed into the Kingdom of God. Pastor Steele’s belief that every one he meets is a soul for whom Christ died has motivated him to center this ministry on reaching others for Christ.

Dr. Tommy Steele is the recipient of many honors including a Doctorate of Theology and a Doctorate in Humanities, but in his mind those pale in comparison to the honor of reaching and ministering to the needs of others.

Along with his wife and two sons, who serve full time, Dr. Steele has worked selflessly giving himself to the ministry and God has blessed him richly. Over the years he has had the opportunity to preach to thousands across this nation and abroad.


Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III

Mt. Zion Baptist (Nashville, TN)

Bishop Joseph W. Walker, III is destined to change today’s generation. Walker, Pastor of Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Nashville, Tennessee, has been a national leading force in bringing young people back to God.

Reared in Shreveport, Louisiana in the 1970s, Bishop Walker grew up in a household parented by Rosa and Joseph Walker, Jr. Bishop Walker states that his father was a strong disciplinarian, who owned and operated a janitorial service during his son’s adolescent years. Bishop Walker spent most of his youth working with his father and gained a strong work ethic and a reverence for God.

In 1992, at the age of 24, Bishop Walker began his pastorate at Mount Zion with 175 members. Presently, the ministry has grown to over 22,000 and continues to grow at a phenomenal rate of over 1,800 souls per year. Under Bishop Walker’s leadership, Mount Zion 's ministry has expanded beyond its original location in the Historic Jefferson Street Corridor to eight weekly services in three locations. Throughout his life and ministry, Bishop Walker has demonstrated a caliber of leadership well beyond his years.

Recognized as a man from humble beginnings, he is a teacher, humanitarian, philanthropist, businessman, community volunteer, husband, father and pastor. Bishop Joseph Warren Walker, III, is the International Presiding Bishop of Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, which consists of hundreds of churches across the globe that is connected together by common theologies of the church experience. This is an anointed man of God whose voice is calling for national and global leadership that enhances the quality of life for all people.

Pastor Rev. J. Vincent Terry Sr., D.D.

Mt. Peace Baptist Church (Raleigh, NC)
  • Married to Faye V. Terry and is blessed with three children: Fallon Venise, James Vincent, Jr., Farrah Nicole.
  • Served as an Associate Minister under the late Reverend Doctor J.H. Ferguson.
  • Graduate of Shaw University, Raleigh, NC.
  • Matriculated at Shaw University Divinity School, Raleigh, NC.
  • Holds a Doctor of Divinity from Apex School of Theology.
  • Called to Pastor Mount Peace Baptist Church (formerly Halifax Baptist Church) at the age of 19.
  • Has Pastored One (1) Church for over 27 years.
  • Under his leadership the Church has experienced growth (more than 2500).
  • Executive Board Member of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Inc.
  • Third Vice President of the General Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, Inc.
  • Moderator of the Johnston District Baptist Association.
  • Past Institute Director of the Johnston District Baptist Association.
  • Former Member of the Central Children’s Home Board of Directors.
  • Listed in the National Register’s “Who’s Who in Executives & Professionals” 2001-2002 Edition.

Pastor Terry energy is boundless! Pastor Terry delivers 3 services each Sunday to members along with visitors given all the opportunity to receive a word from God. Pastor Terry’s outreach ministry throughout the state is extraordinary. Many of his members lend their support by traveling with him.

Pastor Terry is a family man who still take time to meet with people one on one when needed. He has a supportive wife and family who assist in his ministry both in and away from Mount Peace. He is True and devoted man of God.

Pastor Bryan Pierce

Mt. Zion Baptist Church (Greensboro, NC)

Visionary, trailblazer, anointed teacher and spiritual shepherd to many, Pastor Bryan J. Pierce, Sr. serves as the Senior Pastor and Chief Executive Officer of Mount Zion Baptist Church of Greensboro, Inc. Pastor Pierce was born in New Orleans, LA on November 3rd. He began preaching at the age of six, licensed at the age of 9 and ordained at the age of 19.

In 1996, Pastor Pierce relocated to Greensboro, NC where he served in full-time ministry as Pastor of Evangelism at Mount Zion Baptist Church under the leadership of Bishop George W. Brooks. In July 1999, Pastor Pierce was installed as Senior Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church Ministries in Kannapolis, North Carolina. In June 2011 Pastor Bryan J. Pierce, Sr. became the Chief Administrative Officer at Mount Zion and worked diligently until his elevation to Senior Pastor on January 1, 2013.

Through God inspired teachings, he helps restore families, convict, change and encourage people to fulfill their God given destiny. Although he is a multifaceted individual, teaching the Word of God is what he has been chosen to do. Pastor Bryan J. Pierce, Sr. works diligently in the service of the Lord with his wife, Minister Debra A. Pierce, right by his side. They are the proud parents of four children and two grandchildren.

A man after God’s own heart, Pastor Pierce strives daily to live God’s mission for his life. God’s plan for his life has proven it’s not what you are in, but who you are in that determines where you go in life.

Sister Tawanna Williams, “Hope Coach”

Author of Best-Seller "UNarmed, But Dangerous"

Born without arms and impaired use of her legs, Tawana Williams’ life story unfolds her will to survive the anguish of physical defect and the shame of abuse and isolation. Unable to fight with human hands, she fought in spirit and yet lives to stand through the grace and courage of God, “UNarmed But Dangerous.”

Faced with many challenges and obstacles that most people take for granted, Tawana has figured out a way to do some of life’s simplest things such as; eating, cleaning, typing and being self sufficient. These tasks seemed monumental, yet her resolute determination transcended self-pity. She endured years of physical pain, emotional scars and the rejection of family members and peers. She withstood childhood only by the strength of a mother’s love.

Tawana was born to a mother that told her “there was nothing that she could not do.” Tawana has always been a fighter and will challenge you to do more in life. She’s the Author of five books including her Best Seller “UNarmed But Dangerous” The Tawana Williams Story of Relentless Struggle and Ultimate Victory.

This book is her personal testimony and will be featured as her Debut Movie in Theaters in the near future. Tawana is an effective communicator and teaches Prosperity Principals, Systems, Strategies and Tips to help reach your goals. Tawana Williams is “The Hope Coach” and teaches others throughout the world how to live a “No Excuse Lifestyle.” Tawanna's dreams are to create and host her own Talk Show, Motivational Reality Show, Executive Direct her Debut Movie in Theaters “UNarmed But Dangerous” and Philanthropist & Humanitarian efforts to help the human race.

Today, Tawanna Williams is a Les Brown Platinum Speaker and resides in Wilson, North Carolina with her husband ‘Toby.’ Tawana’s Mission is to give hope and inspiration to those facing adversities and challenges, while positively impacting and empowering their lives with practical methods, information and guidance to achieve their fullest potential.


Shawn Bigby, Singer/Songwriter, Teacher & Recording Artist

Worship Leader at New Life Fellowship of Charlotte, North Carolina

Shawn Bigby is a praise and worship leader, singer/songwriter, teacher, and artist with Music2changeu records. He currently serves as worship leader at New Life fellowship under Pastor John P Kee. Shawn Bigby has one purpose anytime he is given the opportunity to minister: usher people into the raw presence of God. Born and raised in Anderson, South Carolina, Shawn has been a locally renowned vocalist for nearly twenty years.

Throughout the years Shawn’s musical gifts have blossomed and made room for him. He has been afforded the opportunity to share in ministry all over the east coast as well as in London and Japan. He has been featured on several recording projects as well as being a great artist in his own right. Shawn covers a ministry consisting of worship leaders and ministers of music and musicians from the area that go under the Yielded Vessels!

Shawn Bigby is now leading worship at New Life Fellowship in Charlotte under one of his musical influences Pastor John P Kee. Shawn not only has an uncanny and anointed vocal style but also has the ability to express his praise and worship for God through is prolific writing ability. His writing was most recently featured on the Anderson University Ensemble’s live recording entitled “Thank You.” Coupled with those gifts Shawn is also a sought after clinician and teacher on worship and praise. He has done various workshops and clinics where he is often pulled to help worship leaders know their roles and the importance of worship in their lives. Above everything else he is a worshipper, he has a heart for worship and praise, and desires to see others experience God in newer and greater ways not just in concerts but everyday life!

Kevin Levar, Singer/Songwriter & Recording Artist

Preacher and Author of Washington, D.C.

Kevin LeVar is a gifted songwriter, recording artist, author, and preacher. A native to the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, Kevin’s ministry has touched many audiences domestically and internationally. Within the music industry, Kevin founded independent gospel label God Glorified Music, Inc. (recently renamed One Sound Entertainment) and partnered with Universal Music Christian Group for the national release of Kevin’s debut project “Let’s Come Together.” Kevin’s sophomore project, “Destiny! Live at The Dream Center” (released by Central South Distribution) was recorded at Angelus Temple, home of the Los Angeles Dream Center, led by Pastor Matthew Barnett. Of the thousands in attendance, the special guests of the night included over 500 of the community’s recovering addicts, homeless, and rescued victims of human trafficking who were bused in for the live recording.

With over 300 songs in his catalog, Kevin has received honorable mention in the John Lennon Worldwide Songwriters Contest and his music has been recorded by Stellar, Dove, and Grammy Award winning artists. Kevin has also worked with acclaimed industry producers. Kevin was selected as an invited guest to sing at the White House during Black Music Month and has been seen as a regular guest on Christian television and radio programs, such as BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel, Hour of Power (from the Crystal Cathedral), Daystar’s Celebration, 100 Huntley Street, TBN’s Praise the Lord, RadioOne, The 700 Club, Sirius XM and many more.

Known primarily for his gift of song, Kevin’s writing abilities have extended beyond music composition. Kevin has authored the book, ‘Destiny’s Bridge,’ where he challenges his readers to dare to believe God. Kevin is also spearheading the FORGIVE AND LIVE Campaign (www.theforgivenesscampaign.org), a global forgiveness campaign to inspire 1 Million Acts of Forgiveness.



Vendors will raffle off two gifts (one each night) 15 minutes after service.

Raffle tickets will be distributed in the FLC immediately following services.

Shopping Schedule:

Tuesday, July 19th

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM and Immediately Following Evening Service

Wednesday, July 20th

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM and Immediately Following The Women's Luncheon

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM and Immediately Following Evening Service


Reach Consulting

Aimy Steele is the President and CEO of Reach Consulting, an international scholarship and college coaching firm designed to show students how to maximize high school in order to obtain college admission and graduate debt free. She has more than 15 years of experience in the field of education and works tirelessly to ensure students have appropriate access to information needed for post secondary studies. Reach Consulting is a full service firm offering scholarship and college admission coaching.

Live In Letters Educational Consulting

As the Inventor/Founder of The Live In Letters Colorized Reading Program, Kelly Russell is also the owner and operator of Live In Letters LLC. Live In Letters LLC is an educational consulting company that specializes in academic tutoring and ADHD and discipleship coaching, while promoting the use of The Live In Letters Colorized Reading Program to enhance academic performance.

Live In Letters LLC has been developed and designed to differentiate academic instruction for individuals of all ages. Live In Letters strives to accommodate to the specific needs of ALL learners, regardless of age, gender, race, disability or preferred learning style.

Live In Letters believes that ALL individuals can successfully obtain and sustain developmentally appropriate academic standards despite learning disabilities, intellectual capacities or medical disorders that may impede their academic performance. The mission of Live In Letters LLC is to awaken self-awareness, build brain balance and create confident, collaborative and Christ-centered communities.


Cricket is bringing consumers more value with a simple, friendly, and reliable nationwide wireless experience with no annual contract. The power of Cricket is our nationwide 4G LTE network that covers more than 300 million people; easy and affordable unlimited plans that are all in with taxes and fees included - no surprises; and a great selection of phones customers love. To learn more about Cricket plans and services, visit your locally owned and operated location.

872 Concord Parkway North, Concord NC 28027 704-788-4865. Cricket, Something To Smile About.



It Works! Global

A debt free, Christian based, beauty and wellness company that offers plant based non-GMO products. It Works! Global is well known for it's innovative body contouring wraps that tighten and tone the skin, and reduces the appearance of cellulite. It Works! Global also has gentle detoxes, an extraordinary hair,skin, and nail vitamin, weight loss supplements, essential oils, skin care, and much more!

Kermilya Simmons, Anchor 6, Inc., Co-Founder

Email: kpinkney1908@gmail.com, Cell Phone: 336-601-1226

TMB 4 Wellness

Rejuvenate the best you through chair massage. Relaxation, Pain Relief and Stress Reduction. Available times during Kingdom Conference. There are flyers and a sign-up sheet on the back table. Let me help you!

Tamara Burns (704) 750-3351


C-Pix Studios

C-Pix Studios is a photography studio providing individuals with affordable professional business and personal photos for all your needs. We have been in business for 7 years, last year the owner Tosha Miller was diagnosed with breast cancer and after months of chemotherapy she began to feel a certain way and a bit of depression but by the grace of God he opened her eyes and made her realize that she was not alone.

With that being said she wanted to give something back and with her talents she started Beauty in the eyes of the beholder, an organization built on building those who have gone through certain situations and without their control left feeling broken. C-Pix Studios believe that a photo can do wonders in building your self-esteem amongst other things. Last year Beauty in the eyes of the beholder kicked off it's 1st annual event of Free Makeovers and photo shoots for survivors October 8th we will take what we started with our 2nd annual kickoff building many survivors and woman who are still undergoing treatment with love and hope for themselves.

At this year's kingdom conference my mission is to get the word out there about who I am and what we have planned in the next few months. Also providing whomever is in need of a business headshot, family portraits etc.

Tosha Matin (980) 275-4955


Total Life Changes

IASO TEA from Total Life Changes

1 Package (2 tea bags) – ONE WEEK SUPPLY ~ Makes 1 Gallon of Herbal Tea. This Certified Organic Herbal tea contains: Holy Thistle, Persimmon Leaves, Papaya, Blessed Thistle, Malva Leaves, Marsh Mallow, Myrrh, Chamomile and Ginger.

A unique all-natural blend of 9 essential herbs is designed to cleanse the upper and lower intestines, ridding the body of toxins and other nasty parasites. Just 8 ounces of this mild tea twice daily can provide you with dramatic results.

Lose up to 5 pounds in 5 Days and find out why Iaso™ Tea is the Nations No.1 diet tea. ****Raffle Items: 2 packages of Iaso™ Tea ($40 value)

Contact info for TLC: Territa Wilson




Alluring Catering & Events

We are committed to superior customer service and providing the up most quality foods. Alluring would like to invite everyone to stop by our table to sample and/or purchase the soon to be locally made sauce by Yolanda & Calvin Johnson and to help one of our very own teenagers travel to New York City to be a part of Black Girls Lead summer conference which is designed to advance young women’s leadership development, critical thinking skills, academic achievement and civic engagement. Alluring will be selling the following items.

Tailgate Classic’s Barbeque Sauce - $6.00

• Tailgate Classic’s Wing Sauce - $6.00

• Boston Butt Sandwiches, chips and drinks - $5.00

• Chicken, corn on the cob, and potato’s - $7.00

• Banana Pudding in a jar - $5.00

• Strawberry Delight in a jar - $6.00

If you would like to purchase in advance, there will be a sign up sheet in the back of the church.

Yolanda Johnson (704) 467-5686 / Sally Link (704) 458-0418

Alluring Catering & Events

We are committed to superior customer service and providing the up most quality linens and services. We believe that our customer’s needs are priority in everything we do. Alluring high standards of customer service ensure every aspect of your event to be unique, eloquent and classic. Allow Alluring to help design your wedding and create an ambiance that is elegant, welcoming and memorable.

Yolanda Johnson (704) 467-5686 / Sally Link (704) 458-0418

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