Geographic Inquiry Lab By: Cyncere Phillips,Ryan Gracey

  • HDI in Japan is 0.903 ranked #17
  • GNI PPP is $37,970, and is ranked 24th
  • Life expectancy is 85.27 years ranked #2
  • Adult Literacy Rate is 99% #28
The HDI and the Life expectancy in Japan are factors that increase the level of development because of it reaching 85.26 years and HDI is .903 The limiting factor is especially inequality is high .791 and employment is almost half the nation having closer to more dependents working at 47.3%
In the Sino-Japanese region there is no country even close to japan’s development other than South Korea

Japan’s GII is at 0.116 and is ranked at 21 as of 2015 leading factors are women in legislature 11.6% and women in the workforce is about 49.1% 5 deaths/100,000 live births The maternal mortality rate is the annual number of female deaths per 100,000 live births from any cause related to or aggravated by pregnancy or its management

-The Human Development Index measures the level of development in a country, based on life expectancy, education and per capita income. -The HDI of Japan is 0.903, and 2 factors that could contribute to the level of development are education- since the average amount of schooling is 15 years and the life expectancy- since they can have a larger workforce -A problem with HDI is that doesn’t measure the equality in a developed society. A country could have a HDI of 0.9 but not have the same opportunities for women to be government officials. In Japan's case, there is a GII (Gender Inequality Index) value of 0.116 which is better than many countries. But HDI fails to tell the whole story since gender equality is not involved


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