Cricopharyngeal spasm Emily stevens

Symptoms: symptoms may include the sensation of having a lump in the throat. The patient may experience difficulties in swallowing saliva. The patient might feel like they are being strangled or sensations of their neck constriction or choking. The throat may feel inflamed or swollen. Sometimes, the lumpy feeling may also have pain with, which can be every once and awhile or constant. Things like anxiety and stress can worsen cricopharyngeal spasm symptoms.

Causes: Increased anxiety, a lot of stress, negative and positive emotions. Eating certain types of foods can also trigger cricopharyngeal spasms. Such as peanuts, pumpkin seeds, and other types of nuts.

Prognosis: Spasms will resolve on their own, and most cases will not need medical treatment

Treatment: If treatment is needed then it will change from person to person based on stress levels, length and frequency of the spams, age, and their medical history. A doctor could prescribe muscle relaxants and may have the patient do neck relaxation exercises and other kinds of physical therapy

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