JDRF OneWalk 2017 The Best Year Yet for ACT1

OneWalk days are always fun. They're a celebration of the hard work everyone has put in to help raise funds to put an end to type 1 diabetes. It's the opportunity to make the vastly important connections that help make living with T1D easier. It's the time to be amongst the community that understands you most - those affected by and those living with T1D every day.

What OneWalk day also presents is the opportunity to both show the world how motivated and dedicated our donors - wonderful people like YOU - are to helping us turn type one into type none and to also say a million thank yous to those same motivated and dedicated donors. JDRF has helped make so many advances in treatments, research and support a reality - their impact is big and it's important. And those big, important advancements do not happen without your big, important help. For that, we cannot say thank you enough. (However, that won't stop me from trying)

And your help made for a a great day and a record OneWalk season for the ACT1 support group. So how did that day play out and how was it a record season? Well, follow along and you'll find out...

The day started early at 7am. You can see the early risers here.
Volunteers were ready as the crowd began to grow.
And grow it did! Some 5,000 people packed Carowinds to celebrate the efforts of all the teams.
As usual, legendary local weatherman, Larry Sprinkle, was the emcee for the event.

Many things were announced from the stage you just saw - winners of the t-shirt contest, wonderful sponsors of the event and one more thing I think you'll find of interest...

Due to overwhelming support from generous people like you and the hard work of the ACT1 team, we were honored to be the top fundraising Corporate team, raising $17,710! That was more than $10,000 more than our original goal! Thank you so much for helping ACT1 get to that mark! It means a lot to us.

So what do you do after good news like that? Go on a Walk, of course!

Seems like a good place to start...
And we kept going...
And going...
And going!

Until we ran across some extra motivation near the end...

And there was one last reminder of the wonderful results our great donors like YOU helped us accomplish - Being noted on the Mile of Hope, the last mile of the OneWalk. It represents the last mile needed to go to cure T1D and honors the top fundraising teams.

And with that, the OneWalk came to an end.

As I said earlier, this was a spectacular OneWalk season for ACT1. We had a record showing - we nearly tripled our total from last year and took home the crown as the top Corporate team. For that, we're proud.

But well beyond that, we're so tremendously thankful for the donations and giving spirit of people like YOU. YOU helped us have a record showing. YOU will help us have much more advanced treatments. YOU will help support groups like ACT1 continue to be a vital part of the T1D community. YOU will help us do the ultimate task and turn type one into type none!

And there's only one thing we have left to say to you. And some of us love saying it so much, we say it a couple of times!

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