The Ivy League inspires extraordinary student-athletes to achieve their higher purpose.

The Ivy League is committed to offering the most unique, holistic four-year journey in all of college athletics to its student-athletes: an Unrivaled Experience.

Unrivaled in our legacy, the Ivy League fosters an enduring culture that celebrates our storied tradition, thrives on shared values, and holds paramount the academic and personal growth of student-athletes.

unrivaled experience

When all facets of an Ivy League student-athlete experience - world-class academics, the highest competitive level of college athletics, the cultural and social experience on all eight campuses – are combined, it is the model and one that is unique to the rest of intercollegiate athletics.

Unrivaled Experience

For those who accept the challenge, the Ivy League provides the ultimate environment for the student-athlete to test him or herself and to reach new heights.

Unrivaled experience

This experience—dedicated to raising the game and exceling on the playing field and in the classroom—will prepare student-athletes to take a path that fosters lifelong success.

pure sport

The Ivy League is sport in its purest form, competing at the highest level. For our student-athletes, sport is simply part of who they are, and to compete is to commit to one of the most important tests of all—themselves and their teammates.

The Ivy League is the model for college sports, competing at the highest level of athletics with emphasis on education.

The Ivy League is coming off a year in which the League ranked sixth out of 32 Division I conferences, in the final Learfield IMG Director’s Cup standings, trailing only the Power 5. Seventy-five Ivy League teams were nationally-ranked throughout the 2018-19 academic year.

hardwired to thrive

Our student-athletes compete because only doing what is required is never enough. For them, seeking out new challenges is part of who they are, and discovering how far they can go is what they do every day.

The Ivy League is open to those who thrive on challenge and the will to become the best that one can be.

It is not about wanting or expecting recognition—it is about setting a special set of goals for yourself, and pursuing them with everything you have.


Ivy League student-athletes have an “and” ambition. While dedicated to their classwork and sport, their desire a holistic journey - one that is all-encompassing with academic, athletic, cultural and social experiences.

Student-athletes test themselves in the classroom and on the field of play every day, learning that where one goal ends, another begins.

The challenge and know-how for successfully taking on multiple endeavors (academics and athletics) is what makes Ivy Leaguers stronger and more prepared for a successful life.


Ivy League competitors see each field of play as yet another experience that they share—a unifying kinship born in competition with one another, and destined to connect them long after graduation.

Our alumni share a “I know what you went through” mentality to form a common bond.

There is a sense of connection that brings Ivy League alumni together after graduation that is unique to the league. Our alumni recognize that special connect and it transcends school affiliation.

alternate mark

The design of the Ivy League alternate mark debuted publicly in 2019 and is to be used in a variety of fan and student-athlete-facing environments. The Ivy letters maintain the traditional mark’s sculpted serifs, while preserving the shape of the leaf.

alternate mark

Ivy green

Our signature color reflects Ivy heritage

leaf unites

Eight sections represent our eight member schools

Forward Leaning

The forward angle of the leaf reflects the dynamism of athletic competition.

Customized Serifs

The Ivy letters maintain the traditional mark’s sculpted serifs with a customized angle and trailing edges.

school specific identities

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