My Literature Based Carving Project John Hammond's Mosquito amber cane

John Hammond's Amber Cane
This is my drawing of the cane

Literature Essay

For my Carving Project I chose John Hammond's "Mosquito Amber Cane" from the book and movie Jurassic Park. I picked John Hammond because I love the way his cane looks, and I love the way he took a regular cane and made it resemble his business.

" The mosquito amber cane used by John Hammond in the 1993 film mimics a column of dinosaur bones. In addition, the egg shaped amber on top of the cane seems to contain a large mosquito, while the cane itself is nearly 3 feet long." - Behind the Scenes- Jurassic Park

"John Hammond and his cane. His can is tipped with mosquito amber, and the stick part is made from dinosaur bones!" -

ThisĀ is John Hammond and his mosquito cane.
This is my stick before sanding
Now that my stick is completely bark free, I need to carve down the bumps and ridges.

Once I finish removing the bumps and ridges, I will start to make the indentions.

this is my stick after I have made the indentions and sanded

Now, I am going to stain my stick a light color and make it look old.

It's a slight shade darker, but it will work.
This is the stain I used
I also added this on my stick, it says Jurassic Park

Next all I have to do is add the 'amber' on top after I clear coat it.

this is the clear coat added and then I sanded the stick to make it look distressed and old.

As if right now I can't find a recipe for "amber" , so I might use something as a replacement like and orange Easter egg. I will then glue it on the top of my stick with hot glue.

Now... My John Hammond's Amber Cane is complete!!! This project was very cool and fun to do. It was a nice experience with Carving and with staining, painting, etc. I thought it was very fun to learn how to carve and use the tools the right way also, it was cool to learn how to blog alongside Carving.

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