ABC's Africa By: Par sung

A is for Africa.

Africa is the second largest continent in the Earth. Africa is located South of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea. It is also the second most-populous after Asia. It has a total of 54 countries, with the latest country, South Sudan.

B is for Britain.

In 1800, Britain started to control small areas of the coastal areas of Africa.
Though, the African fought, they had to flee because of the European settlers. After 30 years, the Britain took power of the main areas of most parts of Africa.

C is for Christianity.

Christianity is the second largest religion in Africa. There are 45% Christian followers today in Africa. It is believed that "Mark," one of the evangelists in 60 AD.,brought the belief of Christianity to Africa.

D is for Donkey Racing.

May sound a bit weird, but it is a sport. Donkey racing is one of the most well known sport, or hobby you could say. It is mostly celebrated by residents of Lamu. For them, it is an annual celebration,Maulidi. Tourists and citizens of Lamu attend this "entertaining event."

E is for Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church has 45-50 million as members in the church. Tewahedo means "being made one," or as they like to thinks of it as, "one united nature."

F is for Fang Tribe.

The Fang tribe are best known their wooden reliquary figures, which are abstract anthropomorphic carvings. Some believe that the figures are an abstract portrait of the deceased individual, while others argue that they serve to protect the spirit of the deceased from evil.The Fang's populations today is 800,000.

G is for Ghana Empire.

Ghana means "warrior kings." People outside the empire use this to refer to the people that were united under their first king, Dinga Cisse. This empire was formed when many tribes of the Soninke the region come together as one, Then later called themselves "Ghana."

H is for Hutu-Tutsi.

Hutu people first settled in Great Lakes region of Centro Africa. They are nomadic people or nomads. Colonial power with Germans controlled the area from around hundred and one thousand B.C. ; the 1890s to WWI.

I is for Islam.

The Africa's religion is covered by Islam, with 48% which making it the 1st and top religion in Africa, back then and still today. They were threaten to practice this religion or either be executed or to accept it.

J is for Johannesburg.

Johannesburg is a city discovered on the 4th of October 1886 during the gold rush With the rich archaeological site known as the Cradle of Humankind on the outskirts of the city, it’s not surprising that 40% of the planet’s human ancestor fossils have been discovered in the Jo’burg area.

K is for Kilimanjaro.

Mt. Kilimanjaro reaches 80 degree Fahrenheit during the day and 0 at night. This mountains is also the tallest mountain in Africa and highest free-standing mountain in the world.

L is for Languages.

Over thousands of langues are spoken by the people of Africa. Some professors or professionals would estimate it about two thousand. Those two thousands languages are spoken natively in Africa.

M is for Mansa Musa.

Mansa Musa means "kings of kings." Musa was the 10th ruler of the Empire of Mali. He was also considered richest or wealthiest man in history. During his reign, Mali was the largest empire.

N is for Nile.

The Nile River is the largest river in the world, of 4,258 miles.This Nile is source of water n food for people living near by; fishing there and using the water for maybe an everyday life. Nile also runs through nine country; Egypt,Zaire,Tanzanian,Rwanda,Uganda,Burundi,Ethiopia,Sudan and Kenya.

O is for Oil.

Oil is produced in 11 countries just from Africa. One of them as Nigeria, which is the 4th largest oil exporter in the world. Africa biggest oil producer with about 2.2 millions of barrels everyday!

P is for Profits.

Money is very difficult to receive or earn in Africa. Seventy five percent of the world's poverty also comes from Africa. At young age, as young as four-fourteen, children work to support their families. Not just that, some are sometimes sold or work for neighbors or far away from home as maids.

"Seventy-five percent of the world’s poorest countries are located in Africa, including Zimbabwe, Liberia and Ethiopia. The Central African Republic ranked the poorest in the world with a GDP per capital of $656 in 2016."

Q is for Quran.

Quran is the holy book for Islam. This books is similar to the Holy Bible from Christianity. Muslims believe that this book is Revelation from God.

R is for Rwanda.

Rwanda is located in Central/Eastern Africa, and is bordered by the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west, Uganda to the north, Tanzania to the east, and Burundi to the south. In Rwanda, "you can start a business in 48 hours in Rwanda. It takes 11.1 days on average in OECD high income countries." Also, from 2001-2012, they had increased of 8.1% in GDP per annum.

S is for Salt.

Salt was very valuable as much as gold. It was valuable because it keeps food preserved and preserving food helps travelers not end up with a spoiled food. Salt was also used as money. If you had salt about the size of a 2-3 years old child, you were rich.

T is for Timbuktu.

Timbuktu is a city in the West African nation of Mali situated 20 kilometers (12 miles) north of the River Niger on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. Timbuktu is also known as the “City of 333 Saints” because 333 saints were laid to rest in the city. These were celebrated Muslim scholars and teachers who were revered for their "exceptional wisdom, scholarship and generosity."

U is for Udu.

Udu are pottery done by woman. Yes only woman because it was believed that they were cursed. Some reasons why men can't do pottery are that they are is unable to have a child, a family that suffers from sickness or poverty, and a community that is threatened by war or natural disasters.

"The pottery and other sacred items become a medium for spirits, ancestors and gods. The Igbo make prayers and sacrifices before them to please the spirits and ask them for help and guidance."

V is for Victoria Falls. info.......

Victoria Falls is also known as "Mosi oa- Tunya." This means The Smoke That Thunders." It is located along the Zambezi River 2,700 km journey from it's source to the sea. Loyally, the good missionary those hearts lies buried in Africa, names this "great wonder of the world," after Victoria, his Britain queen.

X is for Xhosa People.

The Xhosa people fought against Europeans in the 19th century. Their home land was abolishes, and had changed after the small war. In 1999 they became democrats and as their first democratically elected president was Nelson Mandela.

Y is for Yanomami.

Hunters and Gatherers.

This group of Yanomami are Native Americans group living in rain forests in North of Brazil and South of Venezuela. Though they are originally from their Brazil and Venezuela, they are nomads or people who wander. They hunt or gather their foods or needs in anything. Since they are nomads, some are able to get to the north of Africa.

Z is for Zulu People.

Zulu people are a Bantu Ethnic. They are also the largest group of people in South Africa. They live in province of KwaZulu-Natal 10 miles away from Bantu Ethnic. It was controlled by the British colony, or British settlers after some years.


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