10F1 Biology MR Lowe's Cover

Over a series of lessons you will be revising the biology topics you have covered so far this year by practicing past paper questions. This is key to maximising your revision. There are links for each of the lessons with the past paper questions and mark schemes. Feel free to spend more time on one topic than another if you feel you are weaker in certain areas. Work through them each lesson and you will find it will contribute to improving your grades. You can use the online textbook to help support you if you are stuck.

Below is the module 'Cells and Organisation' that you did last year. Complete the exam questions for the 4 sections as part of your review of the Y9 Biology content. This will be tested in the end of year mock.

B1 Cell Structure and Transport (pages 4-25)

B2 Cell Division (pages 26-35)

B3 Organisation and Digestive system (pages 36-51)

B4 Organising Animal and Plants (pages 52-71)

The following modules are those that you have been working on this year for biology

B8 Photosynthesis (pages 124-133)

B10 The Human Nervous System (pages 146-159)

B11 Hormonal Co-ordination (pages 160-181)

Y10 Modules - Extension Questions

Good luck!

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