Reflective Journal week 5 24/04/2017-28/04/2017

Monday: I have started the coding and discussed the backstory with Brandon. I have also been working on some concept enemies and different forms for specific enemies. I have started working on the basic movement code for our game which will include left and right movement and jumping.

Thursday: I have created a basic move code for our game on stencyl. At the moment I have made a code that will allow the actor to move left and right but I am unable to make the actor jump which I will keep experimenting with the code until I find one that works.

Friday: I have created the one of the basic enemies you will encounter in our game. This sprite will be used as the main enemies you will encounter in the game other than the special enemies I have been creating concepts for. While Brandon has been drawing sketch's for some enemies and the main characters.

I have created a special version of the basic enemies which I have based of an enemy from the game dark souls where it will look like a basic enemy until you attack which it will then transform into a stronger enemy. I was able to create the shading on the basic enemy's using the mixer brush which allowed me to create a fading affect on the shading.

Over the weekend I will be adding more to the story of the game while Brandon will be adding to the backstory of the character which I will add a bit to as he will be working on the hand drawn sketches to.

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