Autumn The Final days

It all started with the spark of an idea.

Create art every day.

On this particular November day, I was sitting in the sun, enjoying the unseasonably warm, summer-like temperatures. My gaze fell on the gravel at my feet and I began to absently pick up smooth pebbles, placing them in a neat line on the edge of the porch step.

Before I knew it, a Sunny Sunday Afternoon Art Installation had been born.

Create art every day

I carried that seed of a thought with me on the following days and I liked the way it aligned with my natural approach to life. So, the next day, with camera in hand, I took my dog and our two cats for an afternoon walk in the field.

Following the various deer trails that criss-cross through the tall grass, we made our way to one of my favourite spots on our property where two antique wagon wheels sit forgotten and abandoned by all but our little troupe.

What stories these treasures could tell.

I snapped shots of these old relics while my animal companions romped and played around me.

Teddy II, the youngest of our three, is still a wide eyed kitten in so many ways.

The warm weather held for another day, so my husband and I accepted Autumn's invitation and took ourselves for a little drive on back country roads.

Today, the temperatures are steadily dropping and the wind, the bane of my existence, has been unrelenting and harsh. I fear these are the final days of Autumn.

With Winter nipping at our heels, I find myself driven indoors more often and into the kitchen.

On some days, making art looks like baking.

"It is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all." Laura Ingalls Wilder
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Carolynn Anctil


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