Rosa Parks


  • Arrested for taking a white persons sit it in a bus and refusing to give it up
  • Born on February 4th,1913 /Died on October 24,2005
  • Her birthday and the die she died have both become Rosa Parks Day
  • On December 5,1956 the day of Parks trial the blacks of Montgomery boycotted the buses Rosa Parks took and sent flyers all over Montgomery
  • First women to lie in the USA capitol
  • The boycott lasted 381 days an whole year
  • She was a civil rights activist before her arrest

"You must never be fearful of what you are doing when it is right"- Rosa Parks

"Each person musr live their live as a model for others"-Rosa Parks

She started a boycott against Montgomery buses because she refused to give up her sit to a white person and was arrested for it. Parks stood with Marther Luther King Jr and his civil rights movement. She is saying to me that white and black people are created equal and deserve the same rights as each other. Rosa Parks is one of the few women to take part of the Civil rights movement. She stood up for women all around of the world. Civil rights for black people was horrible at this time.

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