GM Food By: Clare Heberlig Helpful or Harmful?

Some tomatoes are being genetically engineered so when you pick them they can be ripe but not get bruised when getting shipped, but is this helpful or harmful? Maybe we shouldn't mess with Mother Nature. Some people may disagree with this, but who knows if or what chemicals scientists are using! We could turn out as sick as a dog!

Another food item that is getting genetically modified is fish. They're getting modified to be super sized, just like the fish down below. But what we don't know is, is this helpful or harmful? Yes, it gives us more food, but should we mess with the size? In my opinion is no! We should let the fish grow on their own. If they get super sized they'll eat more food and then what! We'll have less food, that's what! So scientists, stop super sizing fish please.. We also just shouldn't mess with Mother Nature.

These pictures are some of the food that are getting modified. I already talked about fish and tomatoes but not rice. So I'll be talking about rice. Rice is being modified so there is less phytic acid. This could be a good or bad thing. It's good because rice won't be as harmful but then again, are they using chemicals? So, is this helpful or harmful? I think it's both because it won't get us as sick as a dog and rice is good for us. But it could be bad because we probably don't know what they're using to make the rice have less phytic acid.

This is my opinion to GM food. Say no! You don't know what scientists are using for the food. You don't have to agree with me and that's fine but I say no to GM food.

Would you eat this tomato? I definitely wouldn't! I would eat the tomato that is organic, not this one. That is, if I liked tomatoes. But my point is, now that you see what they might be doing to get the foods modified, yuck!

I agree with this sign! We should stop with GM foods. I know I've said this many times but we don't know if GM foods are helpful or harmful.

Look at this square watermelon, what things did scientists use this time? I think scientists have to stop, this could turn out bad for us, but most importantly, the environment.

What is this? A tomato or a pepper? I don't even know anymore! Would you eat this? I wouldn't, that just looks gross! It has the color of a tomato but the looks of a pepper!

Now, I will just show you some GM foods, or just foods that look like they've been modified.

Purple strawberries? And is that an egg or a rock?
What is going on with this.. tomato? Pepper? I don't even know what it is!
Sausage in a banana peel. Wow.
Modified much? Yeah, that's what I thought

Thanks for reading my opinion on Adobe Spark!


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