Alex grizzell Photosynthesis and celluar resperation

photosynthesis is the process where a plants stoma takes in sunlight, water, and co2 from leaves to sustain itself. Once the elements go through the stoma, they enter the Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll allows the plant to abosorb energy from the light.

Stoma is a pore opening and is used for gas control. It exchanges oxygen with co2. There is also a loss in water when opening the pore.

A stoma

The next thing is celluar resperation. This is what the plant does with the precious co2. Animals also do this process. The light energy from the sun goes through the chloroplast and makes sugar or glucose. This sugar is what is used as the plants food. Animals do not have chloroplast. Animals and a digestive system to break down food into sugar. Chloroplast also protects the immune system of a plant.

ATP stands for adenosine triphosphate. It is a high energy molecule and stores energy. It is created by simple and complet sugars, such as carbohydrates. Animals do have ATP. ATP can also repair cells.

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