PMC Result6

Before we go into all the reaving reviews of the result6, we believe the one has to hear what a highly experienced sound engineer has to say.

Internationally acclaimed producer and engineer Stuart Epps has installed PMC Result6 monitors in his UK studio in Cookham, Berkshire, home to his recording, mixing and mastering services, Epps Music Productions.

Elton John, George Harrison, Bill Wyman, Paul Rodgers and Chris Rea

During a career spanning more than 40 years, Epps has worked with many legendary musicians including Elton John, George Harrison, Bill Wyman, Paul Rodgers and Chris Rea. For many years he was head engineer at Gus Dudgeon's The Mill studios, which was renowned as one of the most modern, well-equipped recording facilities of its time."I fell in love with them the first time I heard them.

"I fell in love with them the first time I heard them"
"I couldn't believe that such a small pair of monitors was capable of delivering such a huge sound across the entire frequency range. Although they are nearfields, it feels like I'm working on much bigger monitors because they are so precise and accurate."
"Having really good monitors is vital because I need to be 100 percent sure that I can hear everything going on in the mix. I also need to know that my mixes will translate well through whatever speakers they are being played back on. PMC's result6 monitors give me this clarity and as soon as I heard them, I knew they were perfect for me."
"The Result6 treat everything with this great sense of quality"
"The imaging is absolutely fantastic!"
A very few speakers have the ability to sound fantastic at low listening volumes"
"The Result6 is one of the very few speakers in my desktop setting where I said , well you know what? If I had to live with this from this point forward, I'd be OK with that. They are speakers for the Long haul."

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«The PMC Result6 provides an excellent balance of frequencies across the audible range and are perfect for studio use, large and small.»
The transmission line provides a lot of clean low end.
In over two weeks at Blackbird I had them cut two different bands in studio A and C and they were impressive.
I never had a problem ingesting enough low-end or being able to hear all the frequencies I need to fine tune my trqcksas they go to ProTools.
I highly recommend the PMC Result6 monitors
While I was impressed with the technology and performance of PMC’s TwoTwo range of nearfield monitors, their sophistication inevitably prices them beyond the budgets of the kind of customers who might previously have sought something like the TB2, so I’m extremely pleased to report that the Result6 is most definitely the TB2’s very worthy successor. It clearly builds strongly on all of the TB2’s positive characteristics including its ‘British voicing’, but in a simple, no-frills package that just works — and works beautifully.
As I worked through my usual commercial test tracks I started to appreciate a slightly cleaner and more extended low end, with better definition and separation of bass instruments.
A worthy successor to the ever‑popular TB2, the new Result6 is a refined, all‑analogue, two‑way active monitor that benefits strongly from PMC’s development of the ATL cabinet as well as some innovative new technology in the form of D‑fins. While sharing the character and convenience of the TB2, the Result6 raises the quality benchmark but not the price.
If you are in the market for a great pair of professionally engineered active monitors that won’t blind you with science and endless setup options but rather use physical design to offer an extremely accurate and solid reproduction, these are absolutely worth checking out.
The power and punch of the Result6s is impressive.
The new tweeter design is a hit with me. I might even go as far as saying they sound fresher than the twotwo range.
PMC have achieved their goal of developing a cheaper model, still worthy of being a part of the PMC family
these are straightforward, two-way monitors that are designed to sound great over a wide area, but for far less cash than PMC customers are used to paying.
The speakers do become more rounded and, if anything, revealed some flaws in my reference speakers which started to sound rather muddy and flabby in comparison (I won’t name and shame them just yet).
They are totally in control of their sound, in other words. It’s like working with accurate control freaks.
You can simply hear more of what is there,
The result6s are fabulous monitors at a great price for the PMC badge. Now I can have a decent bathroom, as well as a set of great monitors. My world is finally complete…
You can simply hear more of what is there,

Written by Gordon Brockhouse Created: 01 August 2019

I found the PMC result6 a really fun, exciting speaker to listen to, and very expressive. Dynamics were fast, almost explosive, but never overbearing. The PMCs’ presentation of space was excellent, with very good image specificity. As you’d expect from a professional monitor, the result6 was very revealing, presenting me with whatever was in the recording, warts and all.
With their ability to illuminate every element in a mix, the PMCs made records I’d heard a gazillion times sound fresh again.
As to the sound, it should be clear by now that I really liked what I heard from these speakers. You might expect a studio monitor to be too revealing for home listening -- that every sound would be excessively spotlit. But in my listening that was hardly ever the case. Almost without exception, I found the result6es eminently enjoyable and listenable.
Rarely do we hear speakers at this level that so readily reveal the production differences between recordings, and such is the Result6’s transparency that it becomes difficult to decide whether the qualities we hear belong to the recording or the product.
The grip at the low-end is so impressive that we doubt there’s any passive alternative that comes close, particularly at this price.
They’re fully capable of delivering high volume levels with composure, and don’t harden-up notably when pushed.
We like their precision with beats and ability to define the leading and trailing edges of notes.

Wes Marshall

Question: How did the PMC result6 sound? Answer: Amazing when the recording was amazing. Lousy when the recording was lousy. OK when the recording was OK.
One of the result6’s more remarkable characteristics was the ability of a pair of them to separately resolve the sounds of various instruments played simultaneously at various depths in a mix.
The Dutoit recording inspired me to try listening to the result6es at volumes louder than my norm, and I discovered that these speakers’ sound was so stable and clean that I heard no protest from them as I raised the volume. It was like driving a Porsche 911 -- everything is so smooth that you don’t even notice you’re going 120mph until a helpful law enforcer offers you a friendly reminder.
In the result6, PMC has come up with a winner -- one of only a handful of speakers that offers this level of clarity and capability. One listen through them and you’ll know the true intentions of the artists who created your favorite songs.

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