Working Overtime Cleveland/Heritage duel instant classic

Mountaineer running back Tristan Hurst (4) vaults a would-be tackler as backfield mate Tanner Payne (39) lines up a block. Both played pivotal roles in a 99-yard Heritage drive to even things in the early going, with Payne accounting for the points on a pass from quarterback Zach Hollman.
Daniel Foxx swoops around right end as Isaiah Thomas (80) pins the corner.
Hmmm ...
Hollman extends the pigskin over the goal line for a Mountaineer touchdown.
Taking care of business.
Ethan Golder (85) and Sean Galyon (66) launch pursuit of the Blue Raider quarterback.
Justice Breazeale puts the clamps on a Blue Raider receiver.
Hollman churns into the Cleveland defense. This is going to be loud.
Spencer Williams makes the grab ...
and spins to go.
Hollman punches through for a Heritage first down.
There's always the submarine option.
In a shot that screams football, Mountaineer defensive back Tyler Napier jumps on the brakes as a Cleveland ball carrier cuts back.
Napier closes the deal.
No. 9 can give you some offense, too.
Hollman gets on the gas. Check out the Blue Raider defender at right. Hollman must have lit some move or the unidentified Mountaineer at far right cracked some block.
And here we go. Daniel Foxx, a 2020 Juke King inductee, slips past a defender at the line, and it is on!
They've surely got him, but ...
No! D. Foxx cuts back!
Forget it. He's gone.