Theodore Roosevelt AlisSa Wheeler

Early Life and Education

*Asthma as a child - dad hires coaches

*Education was mobile;on the road with dad

*Went to Harvard and then Columbia law school and then dropped it

Naval War of 1812/Reentering Public Life

*Wrote and published book on the war - 1882

*Mother and wife died the same day (Feb. 14)

*Got away from the spotlight

*Marries another woman and has 5 kids

Emergence as a National Figure

*Assistant Secretary of Navy 1897

*Formed a Cavalry Regiment - Rough Riders

*Became the Governor of New York

VP in 1901 and then president


*Served first term without a vice president

*Invited Booker T. Washington to the White house

*Square deal; conservation, consumer, protection, corporate busting

Post Presidency

*Toured Africa and Europe

*Hired by the Smithsonian to hunt animals

*Got back and picked Taft as the next president

*Didn't like how Taft was running the White house

*Tried running again with his own party


*Shot in the chest during speech

*Survived but had breathing problems from then on

*Died from malaria

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