My Amazing Life the story of a walking meme

when i was born i was not born a regular man i was born a meme my milk didnt taste like milk it tasted like spaghetti and all i could do was have dreams of shrek , i didn't know it yet but i was a walking meme.
i remember my first words as a child as if i wasn't already dank enough my first words were sh - sh -shrek, my mom screamed in horror and didn't look at me for days.
when i was of age all i watched were shrek movies and youtube videos on how to be more dank although the culture didn't completely exist i was born into it.

i think this is an actual picture of me at the age of 7 it was a hard life but i grew into the man i am now

i was so happy at a young age and now the memes have devoured me I've been lost in the sauce.


Created with images by strichpunkt - "gibbon white-handed gibbon primate"

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