INR 2001 Project by: allyson leff

The contemporary issue in international relations that I chose is the current issue between the U.S. and Syria. Ever since Syria has chemically bombed its own land, there has been conflict on whether or not the United States should get involved.

Google has been feeding the world up-to-date stories regarding this chemical attack in Syria. New stories are coming out within the minutes, and it has provoked a debate within the U.S. Many think it is not our business to invade Syria, while others disagree and believe that the chemical bombing needs to be put to a stop.

Syria has become known as one of the deadliest places today. Syria is a sickly place- it is bombing its own people. Dozens of people, including children, have died from this toxic gas: many choking, gasping, and foaming from the mouth. More than 80 civilians have been murdered so far.

Once again, President Bashar al-Assad of Syria attacked his own citizens with poisonous gas, and Donald Trump expresses his outrage in conference. After watching videos of the horrors in Syria, people from all over the world became scarred with images of children suffocating to death. Trump pronounces that he will take action against the heinous Assad.

Trump ordered for the United States to launch a missile attack base in Syria. On Thursday around 7:40 p.m., 59 Tomahawk missiles were fired at the airfield. The missile strike targets planes, aircraft shelters, radars, air defense systems, and fuel storage sites. The U.S. attempted to avoid sites where they believed chemical agents might be located.

Many Americans are upset and angry that the U.S. got involved in Syria's business. Some believe that Trump is getting involved in unnecessary issues that do not involve the U.S. whatsoever. Others disagree and think that Syria needs to be stopped and it is our duty as the United States to help in any way we can. Americans are in turmoil over the strike against Syria these past couple of days.

More online news articles display the horrors taking place in Syria. After the United States hits the Syrian base, it reopens a short time later. Additionally, there are multiple airstrikes located near the site of the original chemical attack. These news articles are being updated by the second, and new articles can be found all over Google. The world is being updated constantly on this ferocious attack.

Children are being harmed by the toxic gas and have either died or have been put in critical condition. There are pictures and videos showing women and children gasping for breath. Many are foaming at the mouth- one of the many effects of sarin gas, a nerve agent.

On the left is the body of a child who is being carried out of the recent gas attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun. The photo on the right displays multiple bodies right after the attack being hosed off with water to attempt the removal of the toxins from the skin. Most did not make it out alive. This is two of many photos posted from the attack.

Both of these photos also display the tragedies of the attack on Tuesday. It was the largest and most toxic chemical attack in Syria since August 2013. In the 2013 attack, over one thousand people were killed in the Damascus suburbs by the sarin. Yet, the same banned toxin was used in the current attack as well. Each photo shows the bodies of those who did not survive the nerve-killing gas.

Yet another photo of a woman who could not stand the deathly gases. She is being given oxygen to try to fix the unfixable, but it is most likely too late. Many who were not found dead were taken to a hospital, but the toxins were so harmful that a majority of the citizens died there.

This man is receiving treatment at a makeshift hospital. Sadly, another airstrike hit one of the clinics treating victims who had been sent to smaller hospitals. This is due to the area’s largest hospital being severely damaged by a different airstrike two days prior.

Trump and the national security team discussing the issues in Syria on Thursday around 9:15 p.m. Discussion occurring on the missile attack. The president later made a statement after the U.S. carried out the missile attack due to the Syrian government's chemical attack on its own community.

This is a boy gazing out from a bus carrying multiple Syrian victims after being treated at a Turkish hospital on Friday. Yes, the boy is alive. But the attack will not bring back all that he has lost. It has also scarred his memory of horrific images. The attack will not help him return home. The attack did nothing but kill him inside, even if he is still alive.

The Syrian strike has not only killed an unthinkable amount of people, but it also has put a strain on the United State's relationship with Russia. The Russian military announced that it was suspending an agreement to share information about air operations over the country. The strike led by Russia, Syria and its backers angry, while American allies in Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia cheered President Trump on for interfering.

A possible solution to this issue of relations between the U.S. and Syria would be to not interfere at all. I believe that it was not Trump's business to get involved in a problem that the U.S. was not involved in to begin with. He put our country into an issue that was, in this case, unnecessary. Yes, people are dying in Syria and it is wrong and very illegal, but it also has nothing to do with the States at all. Why are no other countries involving themselves? Is anyone there to back us up if we go all in? If no other countries are getting involved in these international relations, then why are we? It is important that the United States takes a stance on substantial issues, but we need to pick and choose which are the most relevant and important. We cannot be sticking our nose in every issue that comes around.


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