The cure to life as Fairy Pengins by cole besanceney

The main idea is that the fairy penguins are getting more and more extinct and they are helping the fairy penguins. The author said, ""All of those birds that now live in New York were born at the Tarragon Zoo in the city of Sydney. The goal of breeding programs like this one is to help conserve groups of animals that are in danger in some way." The author also said, "In addition to the penguins in the Bronx Zoo, another breeding colony lives at an aquarium in Boston, Massachusetts. In Australia, two dozen penguins that were born in a protected setting were released into the wild in 2007." And the last reason that they are getting more and more extinct and they are coming up with a brding soloshin." My last reason to support it is this is what the author said, "About 10 years ago, foxes appeared on an island near Victoria in Australia. This hurt the penguin population there. "We went from a point where we had around 800 penguins down to where we could only find four," Peter Abbott, of the Penguin Preservation Project, told the BBC media group in late 2015. The group trained a handful of guard dogs to protect the penguins from the foxes."

These are fairy penguins/blue penguins in a zoo.

I wonder if the number of fairy penguins is increasing or decreasing? I wonder if they are still helping the fairy penguins and can they help other penguins. maybe they could build fences around a cretin area and also have dogs around.


Created with images by vacation.pass - "Little Blue Penguins in Boston" • belgianchocolate - "Blue penguin"

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