Andrew Carnegie Steel Maker

Andrew Carnegie was a rich man. His hourly pay was $9,200. He barely paid his workers in the mills, hoarding most of the money to himself. People who made iron and steel worked for almost eleven hours and only got 181 cents ($1.81) per day. According to a document from a DBQ of Carnegie, he earns about the same amount of money in an hour than people making steel make every FOURTEEN YEARS. Also, people at the time needed $675 per year to support a six-member family.
Andrew Carnegie purchased Skibo Castle located in Scotland in 1897. But, he spent way too much money on renovations inside the castle. He spent $10 MILLION just to renovate it. He could've used that money towards other people who worked for him. Better yet, he could've used it for a better working place for those people.
Carnegie always watched his costs in his first twenty-five years of steel-making business. He would lower the cost of prices as the competition expanded for steel-making. Carnegie asked a friend, Frank Doubleday, a publisher, how much he made in the last month. Obviously, Doubleday didn't know how much he exactly made. Then Carnegie criticized other peoples low paying jobs when he says i could get out of a low paying job.
Donald Trump is the 45th president elect of the United States. He is also tied into the robber baron side as well.
He has impoverished and bankrupted investors. He took most of the investments and used them for himself.
He has hoarded many natural resources from others and he paid extremely low wages to others keeping too much money for himself instead of the poor people.
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