Professor Interview

1. For the professor interview I chose to interview my marketing professor Mrs. Carter McElveen. Although I feel it is my easiest class I feel like it is my most interesting. Professor McElveen makes the course very interesting and brings some insightful information for her years of work in the field. I am also a pre-business major and am undecided on what what business I'll major in this class has really made me consider marketing.

2. Notes from Interview-

Reflection- As I said before I choose this professor because I am a undecided business major and she has made this course so interesting I am really considering Marketing for a major. I thought all of her answers were pretty normal. One of the things I found most interesting was that she worked selling Viagra to men. I thought this was a very funny fact. She also said this was the reason you can never ask her an embarrassing question. She said she had pretty much heard it all after selling Viagra to men. After this interview I found her just as interesting if not more interesting. I think it made me enjoy her class even more knowing she had real world experience in marketing.


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