jacob campos BIM 1 period 1

January 4

how was you're break what did you do?

my break i spent time with my friends hang out. Hanged out with my family worked outside with my dad fixing things. Went hunting with my buddy jw at his land and went fishing at my land and hunt for wild hogs. Pop fire works with my friends and family i had a great break.

you can dream about anything you want to do or be no matter how big your dream is. If you have the right mind set and never thing negitive you can do it. You can achieve anything you will always have people that will talk down on you to give up on you dream it's to big its impossible in your mind you can do it

my plains for this weekend are to hang out with my friends. Go hunting with my buddy jw and fishing then the rest stay home relax and watch TV and sleep all day till someone ask me if i want to go do something today.

i don't think i can go with out my eyes and being blind cause i'm not used to being blind and i just feel that i was have such a hard time trying to learn how to walk and trust things or my self. I think i can go with out hearing because you don't really need hearing that much really kinda i mean it just depends on what nut using your're other senses would help by reading peoples lips or sigh language.

i see my self on how i see my self other people think i'm ugly or not good looking and that's fine i don't care what you have to say to me stop looking at me and go on with your life. Other people can see me on how they i does not bother me or should bother anyone if someone calls you ugly or anything then there just jealous on you or what you have to make you feel bad. You should feel good about your self.

it just depends on the person you are talking to if it's your friend or a person you met like if it was your friend then you would treat them as they wanted to be cause they are your friends. If there like someone you met or don't know that well then i would treat them as they are.

i don't think i had another friend open to me i'm sure one has but i just don't really remember the reason why they open up to me.

the best advise i have got was from my coach during a football game he told me never stop running keep moving your feet even in life cause things will be hard in life just get back up can keep on going

the stupidest thing i have ever done is go to my friends house with out telling my parents well they really didn't get mad at me they just told me where i'm gonna be or stay at

i wish knew how to be on time to things or places


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