Keeping Up With the Costumes What went down on 11.31.2018 (Halloween!)

What's in the Box?

The rally started off with a few games, including what's in the box, mummy wrapping, and a pie eating contest. It was a close race between the sophomores with their noodles and the juniors with the shaving clean, but ultimately it was decided the juniors won.

It's a Wrap

Each grade got involved in wrapping up one of the costumed contestants in toilet paper, creating mummified masterpieces.

Costume Contest!

It was then time for the costume contest, where any dressed up d.tech players took to the stage to show off and announce their costumes. Here were some highlights:

And.... Thanos??

Dynamite Performance

But in the end it was the last contest, Ethan Shedd, who won with his performance at Napoleon Dynamite. He said to have gotten the most cheers during his time on stage, therefore winning the contest. Congrats!

That's it for this week's community update, but stay tuned for next week! In case you miss anything, or want a reminder of what happened during the event, check back here to get an every week recap of community meetings and more here at d.tech.

Photos by Vlad Morozov and Asa Bensaid. Written and Produced by Princess Peach

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