4A22 Martie OConnell

My name is Jaz Best my full name is Jazmen I came from Paris, France it was so much fun there but than mom and dad said that we had to leave. Oh I forgot "we" is me and my sister. We are all triplets there is Anna Kima and well me. Our father sadly fell over board and our mom did not pass the medical test and she was sent back to Paris.

This is what France looks like from above

The statue of Liberty was amazing . I loved it I could not stop crying of joy .We are now in Florida and we took all of the will from our mother and father and got a new fancy house I love it here but Anna and Kima hate it. I got sick on the boat but then got better in New York. We are staying in my aunt and uncle. they have the bigest house in the world. But they have two braty kids. Our Aunt and Uncle are very nice so they let our friend live with us he has been our best friend for as long as I can remeber .We also met this really nice German girl but she can speak American very well.Her name is Ella Miller. She is the kindest girl I have every met. The first day sleeping in there house was fine but then in the middle of the night our old friend from France ( that traveled with us) knocked on the front door.My aunt opened the door."Its raining come in come in" she says."What are you doing her'' I say. We talked for a few minutes and he ended up staying at the house for a week. He left with in a week it was sad when he left. I am 28 now and I am living in a very very nice large house and I have two kids that I love more than any thing in the world.

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