What ATime Freshman heart forever

Whoa, how this year has flown by. This time last year, I was a senior in high school. The excitement of graduating was in full swing. I couldn't wait to walk across that stage and get my diploma. No, I wasn't that girl who said, "I'm just not ready to graduate, im going to miss this place so much". That definelty was not me. I was the girl who was beyond ready to set sail. I couldn't wait to go to college and meet new people, find new hobbies, and grow as an individual. New-- new places and faces is what I was ready to experience. I remember my first day of college so clearly. The feeling of being overwhelmed with excitetment and of coarse, nervousness too. That day I could officially say, "I am a college girl". My heart was so happy and full as I got to roam around campus, finding my classes, seeing friends from high school, and new ones I had made over the summer. I was so optimistic about how my first year of college. I can remember thinking to myself, "look at you girl, you are in college. Guess you are doing something with your life" LOL. Now with my last couple days of my Freshman year approaching, I've realized something. I am so ready to get these last couple of days over with so I can be on summer vacation and not be stressed out over classes and assignments. Yet, I do not want to forget that feeling I had on the first day of my freshman year. I want that day to be my attitude everyday of my college career-- exciting and new. Even when I am stressed over finals, tired of heavy coarse loads, or aggravated over a test that I probably should have studied more for-- I want to be just as jiddy as I was my first day of college. I don't want to take for granted the reason I am in college or the time I have left at UNA because it will fly by. So as I take on Sophmore year and every year from there, I want to have my freshman heart forever. 💓


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Summer Cruz

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