Bob Goff The man and the legend

"Love thy neighbor as thyself"- Matthew 22:38

In a world full of whimsy, Bob Goff helps us put our perspective of love where it needs to be.

Bob Goff is a lover of balloons.

Have you ever met someone that never stops smiling? If you've met Bob Goff, you can not answer that question with "no." Bob Goff never stops smiling. He sees the good in every situation he encounters and if he doesn't see good; he makes good happen. His book Love Does records many of stories in which he and those around him make good happen.

Bob Goff shares the things he loves with others.

One of those stories in his book is when he came across a prison full of innocent teenage boys. Him and his team liberated every single one of those boys.

Bob Goff runs the non-profit organization known as Love Does. The organization helps educate children living in extreme poverty and danger all around the world.

Bob takes Jesus literally when He says "love your enemy." He mentions in Love Does that his enemy is witch doctors. These people sacrifice young children and do a number of other evil things. Bob decided to love them instead of hate them, like it would be very easy to do. He started four schools in Uganda for these people to help teach them to read and write. These schools are Christian based, so they are also teaching the witch doctors about Christ.

One of the main reasons I chose Bob as the best person I know is the way he loves. He doesn't pick apart people and see whether or not they are worthy of His love. He takes the example of Christ and just goes and and loves people. He changes love from a feeling to an action.

Bob Goff took a Ugandan boy, who had been assulted by a infamous witch doctor, in as his son. That includes all sorts of fun adventures.

"Breathing out hope"

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