Tattoos on the Heart Reflection

Preface and intro

The theme of the preface and introduction is to introduce the audience to what the book is going to be like. It will also introduce the writer and main character Gregory Boyle, who other characters call G. The preface described what all went in to writing the book, and what G has done in his life to inspire the book. My favorite story from this section was about Luis, how he was able to give up a life of selling drugs for his daughter. He cared for Tiffany, and for her he changed his life around by getting a job and paying rent with earned money. My favorite part of it was when he pretended to be a tour guide, and when Tiffany is asked "what's great, mija" and she responds "my hooome" (Boyle 16).

Chapter 4 "Water, Oil, Flame"

The theme of chapter four is about Baptism and how it was a big deal in the community. Father Greg has been baptizing people for years, and in the chapter it shows life by Baptism, but it also shows how people are scared by death. My favorite story was about Jose Lopez, a homie going to be baptized, and when he was asked to say what he wants, he says "I want to be a Baptist" (Boyle 84). I find it funny that he said that, because he had the right idea just the wrong words. The story I found heart breaking to me was the story about the workers cleaning especially David. They talked about how David's father walked out of his life on his birthday, another saying that he saw his dad using needles and drugs, and another saying how he was beaten. Those stories would horrify anyone if they were put in their position.

Chapter 8 success

The theme of chapter 8 is about success and Inthe beginning it is G talking about how he feel is like a fraud, becuase beople always want to hear about his success Stories. Mother Teresa cares more about being faithful than having success. The story I find heart breaking is Manny's story, because he was someone who had success and would be going to college. The bad thing was that Manny got gunned down after a couple of hours talking to G. Manny had a life that looked promising to success, but because of the horrible incident he never had the chance.

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