Soil conservation It keeps plants growing!

"Soil Conservation is the name given to a handful of techniques aimed at preserving the soil. Soil loss and loss of soil fertility can be traced back to a number of causes including over-use, erosion, salinization and chemical contamination. Unsustainable subsistence farming and the slash and burn clearing methods used in some less developed regions, can often cause deforestation, loss of soil nutrients, erosion on a massive scale and sometimes even complete desertification." Conserve Energy Future.

Soil compaction, low organic matter, loss of soil structure, poor internal drainage, salinization and soil acidity problems are other serious soil degradation conditions that can accelerate the soil erosion process. It also is effected by drought or flooding.

This is a plantation that has been flooded. This can cause soil to lose nutrients and become to wet to use for planting.

In the US we went through a rough time with not using conservation.

This is what it looked like in the dust bowl. If we don't use soil conservation, history will repeat itself.


Created with images by diongillard - "Dirt" • TimothyJ - "River Plantation" • USDAgov - "Dust Bowl"

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