Crowd Influencer sHOUDIFY

First things first

Familiarize yourself with both apps. Understanding the product is crucial to the success of your work as a Crowd Influencer. You are Shoudout! and Shoudify's voice, so get acquaintance with it and Ge'dit Heard!

The Steps of Promoting and influencing Usage

Social Media - Public account
  • Instagram and Twitter must be public accounts (mandatory).
  • Facebook can be private, but posts related to Shoudout! and Shoudify must be public (mandatory).
  • Add to you bio and "Drop me a shoudout to (name of your Crowd)" (mandatory). Say that $1 is going to be donated to "charity chosen" for every shoudout dropped at your Crowd (preferred).
  • Follow Shoudout's accounts on Instagram: @ShoudoutApp, @ShoudoutXL and @Shoudify; on Twitter: @ShoudoutApp and @Shoudify; on Facebook: @ShoudoutApp (mandatory).
  • Invite friends to follow our accounts (preferred).
Social Media - Content and tagging
  • Update profile picture, with a picture that has Shoudify/ Shoudout branding (preferred).
  • Update Cover picture (preferred - brand awareness is crucial).
  • Add location (Mandatory).
  • Tag @ShoudoutApp or @ShoudoutXL depending on content, and @Shoudify if related (Mandatory).
  • When tagging try to keep a 3 to 5 hashtags ratio: #ChooseUrCrowd #(Situation) #(Trend) #(NameOfCrowd).
  • Create Crowds and send invitation to friends through text alert (2 people have to accept your Crowd invitation in order to get active)
  • Recruit people to drop shoudouts
  • Post a Min. 7 shoudouts a week. Shoudouts must be entertaining. (Mandatory)
  • Drop surprise shoudouts when you know people are listening to give a surprise factor.
  • Drop shoudouts with tex notification when you want people to get notified. (Helps to create App awareness and shoudout-reply in the beginning of you work as Crowd Influencer)
Shoudout! and Shoudify - Social Media
  • Share your Crowd on Social Media (Twitter, Facebook Feed, College Groups/Events, Facebook Groups/Events).
  • When listening to Shoudify, check the "Let them know my Crowd" and share it on Facebook (Mandatory 5 times a week).
  • Use a fun and entertaining caption. Ask for inspiration shoudouts example: "I'm going for a run, drop me some motivation shoudout!", "I'm studying for Math's exam, anyone has the answers!?" "Lifting some weights at the gym, summer bod motivation please!" , etc.. Or even as a follow up about how much money your Crowd raised for the charity.
  • Post on Instagram a picture related to the charity, promoting the fact that for every shoudout dropped into your Crowd Shoudout Partners donate $1. (Mandatory - at least 1 time every 2 weeks - but you should do it weekly as a boost to people dropping shoudouts). Be creative, you can use free apps like Layout from Instagram or Canva to create great content. If you don't feel inspired, let us know, and we can help you.
  • Chalking, to be artistic and just when relevant
  • Brain storm ideas
  • Write Shoudouts in Chalk to grab people's attention with @ShoudoutApp and @Shoudify

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