A special message from Board Director Melissa Kinzler

As 2020 nears ever closer to its conclusion on the calendar, I am still in shock and awe at the events of this year.

Shock at a pandemic that effectively closed down just about everything – Restaurants, Movie Theaters, Travel, and Schools (just to name a few). Shock at all I realized I have taken for granted – the ease to run down to Tim’s or Los Pinos when I don’t feel like cooking, taking a trip even local for a little get away, the hustle and bustle of a busy school district full of kids walking to and from buildings, playing or just hanging out, and even the ability to spend time with close family not living in our home.

But then, the awe! Yes awe. At the way in which I have seen the community of Orting rally around one another. Awe at the way Staff at The District have pressed onward during some of the most difficult and challenging times to be part of a School District in any role – still doing all they can to engage and educate kids, be creative, be positive, and maybe even sometimes cry in frustration only to turn up the next day to do it all again knowing it is what the kids need. And the kids themselves – resilient, frustrated yes, but working hard to try and find ways to make the best out of a less than stellar situation.

I have even often wondered….why….? Why, when things feel so dang difficult, do we still keep getting up each day to do the challenging things? Why put ourselves out there during what at times can feel like constant criticisms? The kids. If we can put kids out in the world prepared for years like this one, these kids can (and I believe WILL) change the world.

I, for one, cannot wait to see what these kids do with their futures! Keep up the good, hard, challenging and (mostly) rewarding work supporting our future!

-Melissa Kinzler, Board Director