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The First Tuesday We Talk About the World

In this chapter Mitch realizes that there are more things to happen to people with a disease, other than the initial or diagnosed problems. In this chapter Morrie is written crying about other people, and how the disease has really showed him not to feel sorry for you, but others. He cries for people all over the world because he sees that people are in worse situations than most. Yet people don't worry about them or they are too uneducated to know about them.

Mitch writes, "His eyes got all moist, and I tried to change the subject, but he dabbed his face and waved me off. 'I cry all of the time now,' he said. 'Never mind.'"

What you should get out of this chapter is that you need to think about others more and yourself less, because some people have it much worse than you do. We also need to think about what we can do to help people in our normal day to day lives. We should create a society that we can help or love each other and not hate or discriminate each other.

The globe is a great symbol of this chapter, because it shows the scale of how big we are in comparison to others. We are just a small area on it, where as others make up the majority.

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