Can You Make A Change? Global climate change

A change in the climate could be a big risk for cattle, forests, waters, and human health. Is there a way we can change that?

Climate change is expected to have an impact on agriculture, forests, and other ecosystems. Warm temperatures stress livestock and causes decline in meat, egg production, and milk.

Midwestern agricultural lands make up two-thirds of the regions land area and produce 65% of the nation's corn and soybeans.

Precipitation in the mid-west is going to become more intense leading to increased flood damage, strained drainage systems, and reduced drinking water availability. When the combined storm and sewage draining systems become overloaded during rainstorms, raw sewage overflow can result, impacting clean water availability and human health. Heavy rainstorms can cause property damages, travel delays, and disruption in services.

Warm water will begin to grow blue-green and toxic algae that reduces water quality.

People can make a difference. To start with, companies should make recycling bins cheaper so that everyone will buy one and use them. Go to this site to learn more about recycling and to view our city's recycling schedule.( Everyone also needs to stop littering. It clogs up systems and is not good for the earth and could cause pollution. Lastly, we could put fans in barns because it reduces stress towards cows. So yes, we could can do several things to better impact our climate today.

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Avery Howe


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